What to look for when buying a laptop for gaming

In order for you to achieve the best experience while gaming you must ensure that you buy the best laptop for gaming. Super PC gamers try to find the best and the most powerful laptops to maximize high details in the latest released games. You should note that the higher your needs are, the higher you will end up spending to meet them. It is therefore important to ensure that you write your needs down first before you hit the road to the store to buy a laptop. Once you figure out what you want begin thinking about your budget. For a good guide on what to look for, this review has the best laptops for gamers for Christmas in 2017.

Having said that you should note that there are a few key features that you must keep in mind when buying laptops for gaming to deliver the optimal experience. They include the following:


RAM, which is well-known as random access memory is a factor that determines what your computer can do at once. Usually, games can take up a lot of memory. When buying a laptop for gaming ensure you get the one with a minimum RAM of 4GB.


The processor determines the speed of your laptop. The faster the processor of your laptop is the faster your laptop will be. When buying laptops for gaming buy the fastest machine that you can afford.

At the moment there exist, quad-core processors, which come with four cores, which can offer you with great benefits in the multi-thread operations. Most of the recently released games support multi-core processors. It is recommended when buying laptops for gaming to consider the one with high processing power.


Graphics are so important for gaming. The graphics that your computer has determines how well you see during gaming. At the time of purchase go for whatever is best at the moment of your purchase.

Screen Size

When buying a gaming laptop ensure that you go for 17’’ from corner to corner so that you can have a good display. Don’t opt for smaller computers, also too large computers might be less portable because they are heavy and they will take longer to load.

Hard Drive

Finally, the size of the hard drive, which is referred to as hard disk is something that is debatable. But if you buy a laptop with small hard disk storage size you will definitely run out of space especially if you are downloading onto your laptop. So, when buying laptops for gaming ensure that you get the one with an average size since space is something that is limited in most laptops and there is no way to go around it.