Petz: My Puppy Family

Cheat Mode
Press triangle when you are playing. Then press settings then unlock (the key figure). You can find the unlock in the toy chest and in the closet by typing the following codes:

Code Result
zficls Angel Maine Coon and Angelic Wings
ntrcds Ballerina Capuchin and Ballerina Outfit 2
xwghio Cowboy Orangutan, Cowboy Hat and Bandana
qqqqqz Fairy Yorkie, Frilly Collar, Fairy Wings 2, Crown and access to Fairy Yorkie in the adoption center
vvbnnm Superhero Husky, Star T-Shirt and access to Superhero Husky in the Adoption Center
abcdef Unlocks Cheerleader White Persian, Cheerleader Outfit and Pom poms
aarrgh Unlocks Rocket Abyssinian and Rocket Pack
uuuuuu Unlocks Rockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit, Spiked Collar 2 and gains access to the Rockstar Boxer in the Adoption Center