.hack Part1 Infection

Description: sell all you items and equipment, (everything that you can sell in your inventory) get your dada drain viral infection up to 99% and talk to your grunty three times, sell all the items in your storage a the 0 server and and buy lath blades and beat parasite dragon only using this item and you parties skills (but don't use data drain or drain arc) and when you start you game over you'll have invincibility. Submitted by Josef Zubkoski

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the following bonuses.
Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue.
Read the email from Bandai after completing the game for the Mummy Ship location. Go there to fight another Boss. Data drain the Boss to get a rare weapon for Kite.
Check the BBS to find the final Goblin location. Go there to fight and defeat the Goblin. Wear all the other Goblin items and you will be able to summon a Yellow Goblin in battle.

In the delta server when go to the item shop after u beat the parasite dragon go in side and to to the guy selling the weapons then pause the game and when u on pause cancel talking to him and turn around ps make sure u have no one in ur party so don't walk out .Open the door pause it when its about half way open if u fail don't try again but talk to him again and do talk to him and do it over again. If that doesn't work do everything over. Now go out back and walk in till u cant walk anymore drop fairy orbs in a circle and run back and drop ur shield it has to be a circle then run back to the orbs. Run farther till cant run no more then look for a cave if u cant find it u probable didn't have enough orbs to make the circle u have too be able to run 2 spaces over and down in the cave is something special if u beat the monster. =( (^_^) Submitted by Josh: jcpanther1

Easy defeating the Parasite dragon
In hideous someone's gigantic You will have to face the parasite dragon. This will be hard because he will use his flame breath. I just charged recklessly at him and I got killed at the first dang Instant! You should run for your life and attack him from a safe distance. My friend told me I wasn't halfway done yet and I was at level 30! Make sure you're at a high level and you will whoop His Butt real good! Submitted by Jonathan Costa: jcpanther1

When u data drain enemies, you might get a new data drain ability! The one that I know of is Drain Arc. It allows you to data drain multiple enemies at once, but it doesn't look any cooler and it costs 20 sp so don't use it until u have more than one enemy protect broken! Its not worth it. Submitted by Aulii Keaweehul: Fox_McCloud_HK22..xxxxxx

Unlimited Health Drinks and more
This is a cheat code for dummies, but it works. If you need more burning oils or whatever, just keep smashing jars or objects in a room, collect the items and then keep re-entering the room.

Gold & sliver axe

To get the gold & sliver axe take a fully transform weapon or a half transform one like surmore. Go to a place that is under level 10 and find the oasis & toss the weapon in. When the blue thin pop out chose nether and he will say he can't up grade it any more & to ask grandpa in the higher level. He will give your weapon back & gold & sliver axe.
P.S. It doesn't work with armor.

Hidden items
Usually I reserve my secrets to myself, but this game is too good.... if you haven't pick up .Hack//Infection... it is the only way to get some of the rare items. By selection Convert when starting .hack//Mutation you can import your save file from .hack//Infection... which makes the game much better!

Golden/silver grunties: The golden variety provides +30 hp, silver +15 sp

Go to the church at Delta Forbidden Holy Ground (from .hack//infection) to see scences from the TV series .hack//Sign and to gain golden/siler grunties and rare key items based on the characters from Sign.

Ultimate Axe for Piros and >hack//Liminality:
By watching the anime DVDs .hack//Liminality vol. 1 (included with .hack infection) and .hack//liminality vol.2 (included with .hack//Mutation) with the English subtitles on you can read the Japanese keywords from the movies. Using these gives you rare items in all .hack games. Find them for yourselves by watching the movies

 **if you got the Ice Bar from one of these 'hidden' dungeons in .hack//infection you can trade with the rare trader Panta for an amazing level. 38 rare axe for Piros.

**In Mutation it is possible to find Chinese Food, a rare item similar to the Ice Bar...

Goblin Armour A:
Similar to Infection, if you defeat all the racing goblins (the first four) and equip all four pieces of Goblin armor, the command 'more goblins lvl.2 appears under magic. It is the next verion of summon goblin, and summons *surprise* a giant yellow goblin to fight for you..... like Tsukasa's Guardian (if you didn't understand that you need to watch .hack//Signs on Cartoon network Saturdays at 11 pm, or get them on DVDs.. speaking of which... there are more 'hidden' dungeons to be found by looking of keywords in the show.)

Rare Traders
As in Infection certain 'rare traders' appear with items such as books or 'Feng Shui' demanding certain items available only in certain dungeons..... trade your worthless items to these fools for great rare items and equipment. (*hint: get the items first... most usually are books or items like books which raise some aspect of your stats by a point. and remember one status point is a big deal in .hack.. this isn't  FFX no matter how much you wish it was.. but its still addicting)
Other traders want gold and siler axes for better items.. give them your goodies from the springs of Myst

Ryu books: Use the data drain a certain amount onf time to get each book under the "Book of 1000" section of Key Items. Check these books for various stats from your game and to unlock various movies, arkwork, and songs for the Desktop after completing certain goals...just like in Infection

Raise Grunties to access the newest attraction in .hack: GRUNTY RACING beat the high score to earn super items!!!
much like the Hero of Zeit Contest in Infection, but NOW WITH GRUNTIES ...and in towns.

The Easy to Kill Skeith
Okay, Now you're getting insane of trying to kill skeith? Right? okay now here's the easy way! I recommend a team or Kite, Blackrose and Sanjuro<--If you don't have it yet. GET HIM!! (Alternate Options for Sanjuro is Piros)
Okay you'll need at least 70 Health Potions and 70 Resurrects and 70 Mage's Soul. (I had 99 of each)
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Good Armor with a level of at least 24)everyone must have a high attack power. Blackrose needs a Weapon of a level with 9 or more. and sanjuro should have his rare sword thing you gave him ^_^;)

After you start the battle, Skeith will come after you with his big ol' red cross. When he swings it at you, you'll take at least 450 damage or more. Right when he swings it up, Go to your item and quickly use a potion, (if you're low on health), after he swings it. Heal QUICKLY!! Now, Run away.. STAY AWAY from him and let Blackrose and Sanjuro fo the killing. stay back from him and hit him with spells or something. If he uses judgment get ready for a huge chuck of HP gone for everyone unless they're far away from him. RIGHT AFTER he does this, heal again. (Uses Speed Charms to run away :D) Let Blackrose and your other person smack him. Soon...or later...he'll protect break and there your chance.! After you Data Drain him, he'll be a bit harder but no biggie. Just Keep Repeating this and you'll take him out within 10 mins or sooner!

Iron Grunty
When you get to the 2nd server, there will be A farm that raises a get a Iron Grunty, Make sure all the gruntys stauts are above a 0.....Once it grows to a kid and you have the status all above 0...It should ask for Golden Eggs....Feed it all Golden eggs if that is what it asks for until it gets Body Size to 30 or 31 then it will grow into a iron grunty!!!!

Defeating Parasite Dragon With Ease
After you have completed the game you can now challenge the parasite dragon. this boss is at level 30 and his HP is 9999!!!! don't worry because even though this boss the power to knock you out in two hits this boss is actually the easiest boss in the freaking game. When you encounter this boss with your best characters excluding wave masters because the boss is immune to magic tell your team to use skills and attack. move kite far away and when a character dies just revive them with resurrect. the dragon will be to annoyed buy your partners to go after you!! see so easy!! when you data drain the dragon you will get kites best weapon!!! I wont tell you what it is though:)

Fast sp recovery
If you are at a low level say level 5 or 3 your sp will only go up by 2 while standing and 1 while running or in battle mode, but if you level 17 or higher your recovery will be better like 4 while standing and 2 while running.

Hyakkidouran LV. 14* Kite's best weapon data drain Parasite Dragon at (delta) Hideous,Someone's,Giant after beating the game
Shikisokuzeiku LV. 18* Blackrose's best weapon
from data draining Goil Menhir it may take a long time to get it, but it is worth it.It was 3 hour before I got mine
Jesterwand LV. 14* Mistral and Elk's best weapon data drain a Wood Stock
Scarlet Autumn LV.14* Mia's best weapon data drain Tetra Armor
Axe Bomber LV. 15* Piros's best weapon data drain Red Scissors
Jinsaran LV. 14* Sanjuro's best weapon data drain Metal Goblin

For the battle against Skeith I used Gardinia and Blackrose about level 34-35 it is still hard use yourself for the heeler and use their skills and you can use skrolls use green gales, raging earth, stone storm the video is killer they were equipped with Kikujyumonji and Fairy spear
(* means rare item)

Getting characters
This is how to get some of the characters you don't automatically get.

Piros- You can get piros in the middle of the game (he's a pretty decent fighter) just keep playing the game and at one part when you either log into the world or switch to the aqua server (the one you start in) he will be waiting at the chaos gate (the big blue portal thing) he will ask you to accompany him on a quests to kill a monster in the dungeon say you will go with him then go to that area and go all the way to the bottom floor of the dungeon and help him kill the boss (the boss is pretty easy just make sure u bring some teammates) after killing the boos he will join you and give you a book that give you physical attack up or something like that

Gardenia- You will have to keep checking the board until you find a section that talks about miss gardinia once you see that just continue playing the game and checking back after every mission you complete then there will be another post on the board that will give you a area you can go to go there get the letter from a girl that in the dungeon there then go to the bottom of the dungeon and deliver it to Gardenia.

Natsume- You will find a message posted on the board talking about where to get a weapon then you will get the area from the message. Go to that area and go into the dungeon and natsume will be there she will tell you that she's scared or something like that. After your done talking to her go to the bottom of the dungeon and open the special chest (i think its called a GOT statue chest) you will get the weapon Natsume wanted and kite will start talking you will return to Natsume at the top of the dungeon automatically she will ask if she can have the weapon $*GIVE IT TO HER*$ and she will make this funny joke lol then she will join your party.

Sanjuro- Getting Sanjuro (Hes a great fighter him and blackrose are a great team) Getting him is just like getting Natsume. You will find a message posted on the board talking about where to get a weapon then you will get the area from the message. Go to that area and go into the dungeon and you will see Sanjuro there complaining how crappy the items are in the chest then go all the way down to the Got statue (special chest) and the weapon Sanjuro wanted is in there you will automatically teleport back to Sanjuro he will ask if he can have the weapon and you will $*GIVE HIM THE WEAPON*$ and he will join you I recommend you use him.

Beat the final boss with ease
Ok the final boss is kina og hard but if you have the right equipment and if you are at the right level you can stomp him in a matter of seconds (well you know what I mean). Ok, I was a level 37 when I beat the game so if you are below 25 you might want to get cracken. To level up easily just go to a bunch of dungeons and fight the globins monsters that come from the portals. Once you are confident with your level you need to sell all of your unneeded equipment. Once you have enough money go to the magic shop and buy (and I mean stock up) on status improvers like Hunters blood and all of that. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE PLENTY OF WELL WATERS!!!!! When he unleashes judgment and all you characters have well water the attack will only take half damage!!!! You should act as the healer and stay away from the beast at all times. Make sure that all of your characters keep all of there status up. Make sure you have plenty of antidotes because he does this data drain to Blackrose and it gives her a bunch of bad stat changes. After you data drain he becomes faster. Make sure that you use scrolls on him, it is important that you use scrolls that hit him from a distance. Through out the hole battle launch your parties skills. P.S. Use Blackrose and Gardina

Kite's Best Weapon
To get Kites best available weapon for Part 1, Data Drain the Mu Guardians enough times. Eventually you will get the rare Level 14 Dual Blades.

Blackrose's Stronget Weapon
The strongest weapon you can get for Blackrose or any Heavy Blade is a Blaze Sword. You can get it by Data Draining the Hell Hounds in a Level 28 to 30 Keyword, such as Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise.

Defeating Goblins:
Have some Wood magic equipped. Start the match, wait until the Goblin runs, then sits still for a moment. Then, use the magic. Goblins are all weak against Wood; two shots will kill them.

Defeating the Goblin Kings:
Going through a set number of events, a message will appear on the board called "Let's Play Tag". In this message, there will be a Golden Goblin challenging you to play tag. Go to the area instructed and try to defeat him. When you win, he will tell you how he is just an apprentice of the four Goblin Kings. Later, you will get extensions of the challenge note from one of the four Goblin Kings. To defeat them, get close enough to use a multi-hit attack, such as Tiger Claw or Staccato, after using an item or technique to raise your accuracy. Otherwise, most of the hits will miss. Repeat this a few times and you should defeat them easily.

To kill the last Goblin without having it heal itself, bring some Mage's Souls and Speed Charm. First, use Speed Charm to go faster. When you get close enough to the Goblin, use skills. When you run out of SP, use Mage's Soul to regain it. Keep doing and that Goblin will not have time to heal.

An easy way to kill any of the Goblin Kings is to first gain levels until you are about at level 15 to 20. Then, go to one of the Goblin locations. Make sure to have Hells Gate or Masterblades (which ever one has Gale Of Swords). Then, use the Moon or a Hanged Man to put him to sleep or paralyze it, and unleash Gale Of Swords. This is a Wood elemental attack; you should get an elemental hit. Do this until it dies.

Defeating Martina, the last Goblin:
Bring a couple of Speed Charms and Mage Souls. Martina is immune to most scrolls and magics. She also heals herself 17 health points every few seconds. Use a Speed charm immediately. Walk up to Martina and hit her with a special attack (Stacatto preferred, as it inflicts a moderate amount of damage and does not take much of your SP away). Immediately run away from her. Once you are outside a certain range of this Goblin, you will exit battle mode and Martina will stop running, and stand there in place. Run up to her and unleash Stacatto again. She will have healed a small amount in the time it takes to do this, but the damage you do will be far greater. Repeat this process. Use a Mage's Soul every once in awhile to restore SP. Depending on your level, she should only take five to ten minutes to defeat.

Defeating Parasite Dragon:
After you defeat Skeith, there will be two e-mails by "Roy..Bandai"; one stating that you cleared the game and the other called "Giant of Heavens". Open it, and it mentions something about a "Mystical Giant". The e-mail will give you a Virus Core T and a new place to go to: "Delta Hideous Someone's Giant". The Boss is Parasite Dragon, Level 30, HP: 9999, SP: 305, Skill: Ranki Lei, Items: 3x Hyrakkidouran. To defeat this boss, you must use the following characters: Kite, Choice of Heavy Blade, Heavy Axe or Blademaster, and Wavemaster; along with these items.

Equipment for Kite or Long Arm User:
Weapon: Dante's Blades or Hell's Gate (Twin Blade), Fiend Spear (Long Arm)
Helmet: Fire Dance Hat
Armor: Firedrake Mail
Hand Armor: Miner's Gloves or Smith's Gloves
Leg Armor: Fire Lizard

Equipment for BlackRose, Blademaster, Heavy Blade, or Heavy Axe:
Weapon: Claymore (Heavy Blade), Jinsaran (Blademaster, Secret Rare      
Blademaster Sword) or Sun Fang One or Kikujyumonji, Devil's Axe (Heavy Axe)
Helmet: Hunter's Hood or Forester Helm
Armor: Blaze Armor
 Hand Armor: Hands of Fire
Leg Armor: Electric Guard

Equipment for Mistral or Wavemaster:
Weapon: Starstorm Wand
Helmet: Scarab Earring
Armor: Lincoln Green (From Cima)
Hand Armor: Air Bracer
Leg Armor: Oak Anklet

As you begin the battle, start by using everyone's best skills at the dragon. However, do not use magic since the Parasite Dragon has Magic Tolerance. The only thing that is effective on the dragon is physical attacks. Use both Kite and the Heavy Blade, Heavy Axe or Blademaster attacking the Dragon while the Wavemaster heals you. Because of the last battle against Skeith, you should have a lot of Resurrects. Keep attacking it and heal often. The dragon can do damages of 400+ for the fire breath and 500 for each of the two bite hits. Once finished, a short intermission sequence will show Kite saying that the monster made the airship into a flesh airship.

Enter this battle with at least 15 Resurrects and make sure Kite knows Repth or La Repth. Instead of bringing in a Wave Master into the fight, bring in two of your strongest fighters (for example, BlackRose and Gardenia). When the portal with the Parasite Dragon opens, have Kite run away but tell the others to use attack skills. The Parasite Dragon will be occupied with the other two fighters and not on Kite. Keep having Kite heal everyone. When the other characters die, use a Resurrect. When the Dragon can be Data Drained (at about 700 HP) use Data Drain and you will get the Hyakkidouran for Kite.

Get Kite and two of your strongest friends (such as Blackrose and Piros). Go to a shop and buy 99 Healing Potions and about 50to 70 Resurrects. Also get some Mage's Souls and Warrior's Blood. Go to the Parasite Dragon. When your two friends start fighting it, run backwards to the bottom left or right. The dragon will stay fairly far away. From here, use your potions on your friends and any spells to help them fight. Your friends will eventually hit the dragon enough until you hack it.

Go to Delta server and buy a lot of Resurrects. Do not waste your money on other items. Before you leave, make sure you have Piros and BlackRose, or Piros and Mistral. Then, go to "Hideous Someone's Giant" and fight your way through the dungeon. Make sure your party is over level 30. Once you are at the Dragon, its best to heal up and prepare. Do not use skills or magic. Choose "Wonder Battle" and "Physical Attacks". Your party will attack, but you will stay back. Parasite Dragon does a lot of damage. It is best for you to watch the battle. That way, when a member dies, you can revive them. It may be boring, but it is the easiest way. There is no need to worry about your equipment or Parasite Dragon's health and status unless you want to do a lot of damage. Before you make the finally blow, use Data Drain to get a rare weapon.(Hyakkidorran or Jinsiran). The experience you get is weak; do not kill it with a normal attack.

Before this fight, give BlackRose the Flame Sword and Piros the Master's Axe. After trudging through battles in the aerial fleet, you will fight the secret Boss, Parasite Dragon. Make sure Kite has lots of Resurrects, or the Rip Mean skill. Resurrects do not use any SP, but they cost 400 gp. The Rip Mean skill can be acquired by equipping the Scarab Earring. The magic skill costs a lot of SP, but it saves Kite from wasting lots of money and Resurrects. Get lots of Mage's Souls and Health Potions before fighting it. The Parasite Dragon is a huge monstrosity, and its attacks can kill BlackRose and Piros both in one hit from its flame breath. The monster attacks swiftly and without mercy, but you must allow BlackRose and Piros to continually attack the monster. They will both die many times; use a Mage's Soul to cast Rip Mean when you are out of Resurrects. It will be a long fight, because BlackRose and Piros can only do about 20 to 50 damage per hit. ! After you are successful in damaging it enough, you can Data Drain the beast. Data Draining the Parasite Dragon gives the incredibly powerful Hyakiddorian twin blade weapon for Kite or Natsume.

Defeating Skeith:
Buy many Resurrects, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Restoratives and Mage's Souls.
Have your party at least at level 30. Take a person with a lot of damage in your party, and equip the best equipment there is, as follows:

Equipment for Kite or Long Arm User:
Weapon: Dante's Blades or Hell's Gate (Twin Blade), Fiend Spear (Long Arm)
Helmet: Fire Dance Hat
Armor: Firedrake Mail
Hand Armor: Miner's Gloves or Smith's Gloves
Leg Armor: Fire Lizard

Equipment for BlackRose, Blademaster, Heavy Blade, or Heavy Axe:
Weapon: Claymore (Heavy Blade), Jinsaran (Blademaster, Secret Rare
Blademaster Sword) or Sun Fang One or Kikujyumonji, Devil's Axe (Heavy Axe)
Helmet: Hunter's Hood or Forester Helm
Armor: Blaze Armor
Hand Armor: Hands of Fire
Leg Armor: Electric Guard

Equipment for Mistral or Wavemaster:
Weapon: Starstorm Wand
Helmet: Scarab Earring
Armor: Lincoln Green (From Cima)
Hand Armor: Air Bracer
Leg Armor: Oak Anklet

To defeat Skeith, distribute twenty Resurrects to each person in the party, then thirty Healing Drinks and twenty of Antidote and Restoratives. Do not distribute the Mage's Souls. Use the entire group at first and use skills. If Kite dies, press Square for "First Aid" and afterwards, just keep hitting him without skills. Once you get enough for data hacking, use it on Skeith and you will see his second form. Because of this, just do a hit and heal combo so you will not get major damage from the shockwave hits. Keep repeating this combo so you will not die. And if you do die, keep using "First Aid" and keep slashing away.

To defeat Skeith easily, follow these tips. Have Blackrose and Gardenia in your party, with everyone at least level 32 (extra HP and SP). Buy a lot of Resurrects, and get Healing Potions (the ones that increase your health by 400). Have your character get the MasterBlades as a weapon, and the Scarab EarRings as head armor. Have Blackrose have her best weapon, the Dryad's Sword (go to Theta Beautiful, Hopeless, Spiral and get it from the Gott Statue). Have Gardenia have the Scarlet Autumn weapon (Data Drain Tetra Armor). When the fight begins, act as the healer and let Gardenia and Blackrose do skills. If Skeith Data Drains someone, it does not matter. Use Restoratives on him or her. After Data Draining him, you can come in and use the Twin Dragons Skill (included with MasterBlades) on Skeith. With Scarab Earrings, you can cast Rip Maen on a dead person, instead of using a Resurrect.

After you Data Drain Skeith, have all your characters use all their skills. Keep everyone's SP up using Mage's Soul. Do the same for your own character. Use your skills; the more complex, the better. Skeith, in his second form, will not move or attack if you are doing damage to him. It is possible to defeat him without Skeith even moving.

Have everyone in your party at level 33. Stand back while they hack at Skeith. Use Pure Water for the Judgment attack as well Hunters Knights and Warriors Blood for the defense against his attacks, as well as damage and accuracy towards him. Collect healing potions from other dungeons. You need at least 25, as well as 99 Health Drinks, Restoratives, Resurrects and Antidotes. Have your party members use their most powerful weapon, which is normally the rarest weapon for them. Then, just let them hack at Skeith until Data Drained. Then, repeat the process on Data Drained Skeith.

Use the characters Kite, Sanjuro, and Blackrose. Make sure that all three of them are at least level 32. When traveling through the dungeon, make sure that Blackrose and Sanjuro do not use items to heal or revive each other or your character. Do it yourself. Make sure to carry 40 resurrects, 150 Healing Drinks, 50 Antidotes, 20 Restoratives, 20 Mage Souls, and 20 Warriors Blood. It would be best to have the Warriorblades for when you fight Skieth. Do not use scrolls and only use skills that come with your weapon. Do not use Repth -- that is what the Healing Drinks are for. Keep everyone constantly as close to full health as you can without wasting most of the drink. Then, just attack him until he is dead.

The following is an easy way to defeat Skieth on level 1. There is a room to the left. Go to the room to find jars, boxes, etc. at one point. There is a lot of junk in this place, but there is a Healing Potion (not drinks) which can be very helpful when fighting Skieth.

To defeat Skieth, you should be at a minimum of level 30, and have the best weapons for Kite, Blackrose, and your third character (Gardenia recommended). Make sure you get at least ten Mage's Souls and ten Resurrects, then go for Skieth. Battling Skieth is actually easy. The trick is to get Blackrose and the third member to do the work for you. Select the "Skills!" command to make them do damage to Skieth, and keep popping Mage's Souls in them when they get low SP, so that they can heal you when Skieth does a damaging attack. Once you battle him for a little while, you can use Data Drain on him. He only has a few thousand HP remaining, but keep using the same strategy since you cannot risk Kite dying.

Before you fight the final Boss of the game, buffer everyone's stats, and top off their HP and SP. When you battle Skeith, take two heavy hitters, such as BlackRose, Gardenia, or Piros. Never bring a Wavemaster -- if Skeith gets close to your them, he or she will die flawlessly by Skeith. Have your heavy hitters rush in and attack Skeith up close. Do not send Kite in because your heavy hitters will be an easy target if they are left uncommanded. Use magic scrolls or spells to inflict damage. Whenever someone falls below 400 HP, give them a health drink. If anyone falls  below 200 HP, give them a health potion. Skeith's most dangerous attack is called Judgment. This devastating magic attack freezes all your party members and yourself in three blocks of ice, and it deals between 100 to 400 HP damage. It is very important to give everyone a dose of Pure Water. As it halves the damage caused by the Judgment attack. Also, Skeith will use his own Data Drain. Although he will not kill anyone as he did with Orca and Aura, he will Data Drain BlackRose, and she will get every status ailment. Give her an Antidote and a Restorative to counter the malady. If you managed to keep all your characters healthy and Skeith has taken enough damage, he will be susceptible to Data Drain. After you are done Data Draining him, your fight will be much easier. He will not use Judgment or any of his powerful skills, but he is musch faster than before. Because Skeith has been weakened, you can rush in and finish the job with your two heavy hitters.

Escape from battles:
When you are in a fight, point the camera away from the enemy and run in that direction. Do not stop running until "Battle Mode Off" appears and the enemy sign disappears. Be careful not to run into other enemies or other portals. Note: This does not work on Bosses.

Elk: Best weapon:
Elk's best weapon, the Starstorm Wand, along with two Rainbow Cards, can be found in the Gott Statue chest at the bottom of the dungeon in Theta: Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise.

If you spend a lot of time with your friends (Mistral, BlackRose, etc.) they will send you e-mails.

Monieur level ups:
If you go to the Spring Of Mist, Monsieur will ask if you dropped a Golden Axe or a Silver Axe. If you say "Neither" he will either decrease or increase the level of the weapon or piece of armor. If it is too powerful to level up, he will give your weapon/armor back and a Golden Axe and a Silver Axe. The increase or decrease depends on the atmospheric conditions, as follows.

Atmosphere Weapon Effect Armor Effect
Afternoon +2 levels -1 level
Evening +1 level +1 level
Night +1 level +1 level
Clouds +2 levels -1 levels
Rain -1 level +2 levels
Thunder -1 level +2 levels
Snow -1 level +2 levels

Iron Grunty:
The only way to get an Iron Grunty is to give the Grunty what it exactly wants, even as very Little Grunty.

An Iron Grunty requires four Piney Apples, three Snaky Cactuses, and twelve Golden Eggs.

Poison Grunty:
A Poison Grunty requires four Piney Apples, three Snaky Cactuses, one Immature Egg, and eleven Golden Eggs.

Grunty items:
The two most annoying items to find for the Grunties are the Piney Apple at "hidden solitary sunny demon" and Twilight Onion at "hidden gluttonous melody".

Goblin Gear
Kite and party discovers 5 keywords during the game. Each area the keywords dump your party in, you will be asked to play tag with one of five goblins. Attack the goblin when you get within range, then Data Drain the sucker for a goblin item. The first item is usually the GOBLIN CAP. While individually weak, these items are marked rare for a reason.
When you acquire all five Goblin items, equip the goblin gear and you can use the Imp Pin to summon goblins to fight with your party.

Easter Eggs

DVD Easter Egg
This is for the companion DVD for .hack Part 1. On the Title Menu, select Data, highlight Main, and press RIGHT then LEFT. Instructions will follow on how to navigate this new section!


Free Stuff Glitch
Making this game even easier is exploiting this glitch. Go to any room that has breakable items like pots and stuff that spawns items when they break. Simply break the pots, exit the room, and come back in and do it again. Easier than programming code into a Gameshark!