Casper: Spirit Dimensions

Find Lucky the Chicken
In Casper's house, move in front of the bookcase. Shoot it with normal, fire, fire, ice, normal, fire, and super spirit blasts, in that order. A secret room will be revealed. Inside you'll find Lucky the Chicken, who will tell you part of a story.

Secret Room
Search for the bookcase/library. Shoot at the bookcase/library with standard-, fire-, fire-, ice-, standard-, fire- and super spirit-blast. When you did correctly a door will open where you find Lucky the Chicken

Ghost Power
At the title screen, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 until you hear a clucking noise. Now, when you start the game, Casper will start with Ghost Power, Fire Enhance, and Ice Enhance spheres

Get in big top without the two ticket halves
Go to big top after you get there go to the roof as the guy is telling you you need the two ticket halves go across the cement colored part of the roof it will then suck you in to the big top Submitted by Jonathan Cortes

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) ECB52F58 14345B9C
Infinite Shield Energy 4CC88EE8 1456E7A8
Infinite Comet Energy 4CC88EE0 1456E751
Endless Health 4CC88ED81456E7D7
Gem-Boost 0CC88E041456E7A6
Endless Credits 4CC88EEC1456E7A1
Endless Bounce Enhancer 4CC88EFC1456E79F
Endless Double Enhancer 4CC88EF41456E79F
Endless Homing Enhancer 4CC88EF81456E79F
Endless Ice Enhancer 4CC88ECC1456E79F
Endless Fire Enhancer 4CC88EC81456E79F