Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

Ultraman Millennium
This is how we unlock Ultraman Millennium. Complete the Ultraman Cosmos Ultra Mode. When your mission is over, Ultraman Millennium. This Ultraman cannot be saved. Once your turn off the console, he is gone. You must win the Cosmos Ultra Mode again if you want him back. Submitted by Varun

Game Unlockables
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Unlockables:

Unlockable: Condition:
10 Cities Invasion stage Finish all original scenarios of Ultra Mode and get A rank or above for Cosmos scenario
Ace Robot Defeat Ace Killer in Ace Ultra mode by Ace Robot
Agul Defeat Agul in Gaia's ultramode then use Gaia V2 to beat Ultra Mode
Agul Scenario Clear GanQ Scenario with B rank or above
Astra Finish 10 Cities Invasion stage of Ultra mode with leo and use double flasher as finisher in battle mode
Bemstar, Redking, Bakishimu & Dada Use each captioned monster once to beat Ultraman in the ultramode of Dada's scenario before Dada beats Ultraman
Dada Scenario Get A rank or above for all stages of Ultra Mode
Delusion Ultra Seven Get A rank or above in Ultraman80 vs Delusion Ultraseven Ultra Mode Scenario
Delusion Ultraseven Scenario Clear the Redking Scenario with A rank or above
Evil Tiga Get at least A rank in Tiga/Evil Tiga Ultra mode then finish battle mode as Tiga 2 times
Evil Tiga Scenario Clear Golza stage with B rank or above
Fake Dyna Get at least A rank in Dyna/Fake Dyna Ultra Mode and then finish the battle mode as Dyna over 2 times continually
Fake Dyna Scenario Clear Reyvcus stage with B rank or above
Gantanzoa Scenario Clear Evil Tiga Scenario with B rank or above
Gomorra Scenario Clear Zetton stage with A rank or above
Guroker-Bishop Beat Tag Mode once with Cosmos & Justice
Justice Defeat Justice in the Ultra Mode
Legend Get A Rank in Cosmos Ultra mode and Legend will appear at ending but cannot be saved
Redking Scenario Unlock all other stages and Ultraman80 is available
Silverbloome Scenario Clear Magma Sejin stage with B rank or above
Twintail and Gudon Defeat them in Jack Ultra Mode after getting an A rank or above
Ultraman80 Unlock all other Ultramen, get an A rank for all scenarois of Ultramode and clear battle mode with the other ultramen
Zetton Defeat Zetton in his scenario of Ultra Mode using Zoffy
Zoffy Finish battle mode in this order with these characters more than 1 time. Ultraman, Ultraaseven, Jack, Ace and Taro

21 Aug 2010, 01:10
I'm not understand about 'clear battle mode with other ultraman'.
do you mean use all ultraman??
kira yamato
08 Jan 2011, 03:51
to unlock ultraman 80:unlock all ultraman and ultraman'special moves,play battle mode with all ultras,and play invasion city scenario with all ultras
fakrul desouza
25 Nov 2011, 08:48
i not uderstand about evil tiga i finish him wiht rank s already
imit dyna also
fakrul desouza
25 Nov 2011, 08:48
i not uderstand about evil tiga i finish him wiht rank s already
imit dyna also
12 Dec 2011, 20:39
how to get rank A?!! I always got B,C,S,D???
Kaziki Kagamine
08 Feb 2012, 09:53
this thing is helping me so much!!
30 May 2012, 00:27
Hey I have completed Ultraman 80 vs delusion ultraseven scenario with an A rank and still I haven't unlocked delusion ultraseven.what I'm gonna do?
hutri mizu
07 Oct 2012, 02:14
I have played for another battle mode but I have not been unlocking Ultraman Ultraman 80, why
25 Nov 2012, 02:47
Why I go to stage of zetton I get B rank but I get gomorra Stage now?!?
25 Nov 2012, 03:51
And what is double flash??
25 Nov 2012, 03:54
[To at sukiFE3]S is look like A but is 100%To doing the that mission.
25 Nov 2012, 06:11
what is silverbloom Scenalio
i gusti ngurah surya
21 Jan 2013, 21:42
I be cannot get ultraman 80 with unlock all ultraman and with A rank for all ultramode but I cannot get ultraman 80 but I get dada scenario

i gusti ngurah surya
21 Jan 2013, 21:43
29 Mar 2013, 03:32
What is double flasher.then how to unlock zoffy, astra, redking, bakishmu, dada, bemstar, delusion ultraseven in easiest and simplest way
06 Apr 2013, 05:58
how to get ultraman 80 the easy way
03 May 2013, 09:16
I finished the dada scenario and I didn't unlock but I didn't unlock and I didn't unlock zoffy and ultraman80
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