NHL 2006

Wayne Gretzky
Create a player and enter Wayne Gretzky as his name (case-sensitive). His stats will all be 99

Easy goals:
To score easily, when the view is pointing down take a slap shot in your opponent's side of the ice. Note: This may not always work

When you are coming down on a breakaway, press Right Analog-stick Up. This will cause your player drop the puck to his skate, then kick it back up to his skate.
This is the most highly effective move in the game

Maxed Out Character:
When you create a new player, enter Wayne Gretsky (case-sensitive) as their name. All stats will be at 99.

Go for the KILL
If you are playing a game in NHL 2006 do a wrap around and then the goalie will go to the opposite side you are at then you have an open net to shoot on so shoot but sometimes the defenseman will block you. Submitted by Joseph: big_gangster_joex

Created Player
Go to the created player screen. Do your name and all the crap then when your on shots and that put everything perfect. Your overall should be 99.Hope it's useful. Submitted by Matthew Grant