Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return

Cheat mode
Hold [L1] + [R1] and press [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [X] at the opening menu with the "New game" and "Load game" options. A sound will confirm correct code entry. "Level select" and "All weapons" selections will be unlocked in the options screen. Press [X] on the "Level select" option to access a screen that has all the levels. Select a level and like the magic wings, you will advance there. Enable the "All weapons" option, then press [Triangle] to get to the journal screen, look at the weapons, and select one. Note: This will also unlock all the hidden weapons. Once this option is disabled, you will have whatever weapons you originally had. The hidden weapons are: Torch Hammer, Glacier Boomerang, Doka Pin, and Pig Ball. Note: You can normally find these weapons in the three (excluding the Golden Tower) hidden towers. The Pig Ball can be found once you have given the Ice Candy to the man in Circus Town. (The Golden Tower has Gold Powder, that makes you invincible until you fall into a pit, and can be used an unlimited number of times. It is obtained by giving these items to the person (or thing): Gold Moon, Gold Star, Gold Sun.

Evil Earth Pig Location
This one is way up high in the Kujara Ranch area. Use the poles left of the ladders to swing your way up to the seesaws. It should be between them in the air, near the red birds.

Evil Flame Pig Location
Drop down into the water in the Forest Entrance and swim (need Swimming Pig suit) left into a tunnel under where the blue ghost guardian was before.

*Ghost Pig's Curse must have already been dispelled, or else you'll just fall into the water and drown.

Evil Ghost Pig Location
In the Pipe Area, climb the chains just before the entrance of the Trolley Entrance. Use the Flying Squirrel Suit and fly off to the right side, under the long steam pipe.

Evil Ice Pig Location
In the same room as the "Other Side of the Waterfall", complete the room in the Water Temple. It should be floating in the air.

Evil Water Pig Location
Climb onto the first red roof in the Waterfall of the Heavens area. It should be located on the right side of it.

The Last Evil Pig
Climb down the right chain under the drawbridge in the Pipe Area (going towards the hot water area), it is opposite of the chain that has the Mudball on it.

1/2 of courage song
When the guy asks you to get him clay in the mine level get a piece of mud and go to the laundry place. There you can clean it and receive a piece of clay. Take it back to the guy to get a pot. Then go to the house across from this one and give the guy in there that pot. He'll teach you half of the courage song.

1/2 of Strength Song
In the Ranch Summit area there will be a door near the beginning that is blocked by 3 ice blocks. Use the fire hammer (from Santa) to break the blocks and walk in. The three girls from before should be standing there. Talk to them and play their game of hid and go seek. One is where the first ice pig was (throw the snowball in the bottom hole to push her out the top). The second is down the ice slide. The third is all the way on the right of the ranch screen (hop from the long icicle to the other icicles). After you find them all, go to where they first were, and they will ask you to play detective with them, play it. After you guess all three of their questions right, they will teach you half of the song of strength.

Secret Place
To get to a secret water slide got to kujara ranch area, where the small mouse door is and go all the way to the left. This will regain some of your help when you are in trouble!

Tower of Courage
After you earn the "Spell of Courage" go to the pipe area. Go right until you can climb down a ladder (ladder not rope). Kill the moving capper, and go right. Jump over to the wall there should be a ledge. You can see the brick showing through. Say the spell of courage. (You get the Glacier Boomerang after a small puzzle to get to the top)

All weapons and level select
At the main screen hold start and L1 R1 then while holding those buttons press circle, triangle, square, and x you will hear a sound to confirm it then go to options and there will be two extra options level select and all weapons.

Tower of Wisdom - Obtain Grapple Jack
In the deep forest (Donglin Forest), when you complete the device, stairs should appear at the left corner of the deep forest.  Go up the stairs and sing the wisdom song.  Here you can obtain the "grapple jack".

Tower of Strength
The tower of strength is located at Kujara Ranch area.  When you get Kujara's favorite (peach) go left until you see a platform hanging from the mountain.  Use the strength song.  Here you will obtain the weapon called "torch hammer". 

Golden Tower
To achieve this you must first get all the golden pig snouts that hidden all though the game. Then go to the top of the water temple over by the holy spring and insert each one into a hole. This will then activate the door to open.

The Donglin White Thing-a-ma-jig
message: First, go to the Deep Forest in Donglin. After you get to where the see-saws are, you should see a house on the far left. When you get inside you will probably find a door blocked by totem poles. Notice the top and bottom symbols of the poles. The see-saws have symbols like that. When you jump on the see-saws and the boards with spikes come down, look just above the spikes. There will be that same symbol. To reach the doors behind the totem poles you must match the opposite symbol of the see-saws to the totem poles.     P.S. To change the symbols on the see-saws hit the red circle on the ax and make the spikes come down again.

Catch a Fish
Whenever you pull up the bridge thing in the beginning of the game, there will be a fish on it. Jump on top of it to catch it. Now you can dry it!

Unlimited magic
When you go to fight the evil last pig, you will see Kainen by the door. Talk to him and he will give you unlimited magic for the pig robes. This is very helpful when getting the ice candy for the man in circus town

Last Pig
At the end of the game, the wizard will ask you if you want to go inside the door. Dont go. If you do, there will be a story, in which the Evil Pig freezes the world. You cannot undo this action, so save if you want to see it.