Resident Evil 2

Bonus weapons
Beat either character's first scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes with an A or B ranking for the rocket launcher with infinite ammunition. Beat either character's second scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes hours with an A or B ranking for the gattling gun with infinite ammunition. Beat either character's second scenario in under three hours with a A or B ranking for the machine gun with infinite ammunition. Note: The bonus weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.

Extra Ammo
When you are playing as Leon and get the custom parts for a gun don't use them right away. Instead, use all of that ammo up first and then combine them with the custom parts. Bam! Your weapon is full to its maximum. Who should say no to free ammo?

Film "D"
To get film "D", go to the STARS room, second floor of the Police building, and check the desk on the left 50 times. It is a picture of Rebecca

Hidden Shotgun Shells
You get the shells in the room where you use the two red jewels. Once the camera angle changes check the two crates with one stacked on top of the other.

Infinite health
Hold triangle press up, up, up, up, down Submitted by Chris crucker

Infinite Submachine Gun:
Beat either alternate scenario with an A or B ranking without using any health sprays

One-Hit Gator Kill
When you fight the gator boss, he starts coming towards you and you see a yellow light on the left wall. If you inspect the light a cylinder will fall and the gator will eat it. While the cylinder is in its mouth, shoot it and the gator will explode

Reserve Power Control
To activate reserve power, enter the sequence UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN or UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP.

Safe Combination
The combination for the safe is 2236.

Super Stamina
For limited invulnerability, mix green, red and blue herbs.

Change your clothes:
Start a new game on the 1st scenario with either Character on Normal difficulty. From the beginning until you reach the gate to the courtyard of the police department, do not pick up one single item. This will generate a new zombie under the lower stairs around the police department. This new zombie is actually Brad Vickers from Resident Evil 1 (the chopper pilot). After you kill him, push the action button to grab the special key. Now go into the police department and go into the west wing save (the darkroom) and you will see two lockers. Use the key, and you will have new outfits!!

Picture of Rebecca:
In the S.T.A.R.S. room, move to the far desk and examine it. It should state something like, "The desk is a mess, looks like someone was looking for something." If you examine the desk 50 times, a roll of film appears. Go down to the dark room and develop it to discover a picture of Rebecca (from the first RE) in a basketball uniform.

Shoot your TV:
Take the east exit out of the basement and go to the area with the two demon dogs and a manhole. When the two dogs are dead, have your back facing the manhole and walk forward until the camera view changes. Arm your shotgun and shoot until bullet holes are on your TV screen.

Claire and Leon's Alternate Costumes

To get the Alternate Costumes, go through an A and a B game and get an A on both missions. When you complete both missions, a picture of a Zombie in a military uniform should come up. Start the next game as an A game by loading up your saved game. Go to the Police Station without picking up any items. When you get to the alley near the Police Station, there should be a Zombie there. Run past him, go in and grab the shotgun, then kill him. He's kind of strong, so aim for the head. When he's dead, search him and you should find a special key. That key will open the lockers in the Dark Room.

Claire: She has one costume and a revolver. The revolver shoots and reloads faster than the pistol.
Leon: Leon has two different costumes. If you get one of the outfits, Leon's gun handling will upgrade. He'll now hold it with one hand.

Get the Gattling and Submachine guns
To get the Gattling Gun and the Submachine gun, go through a B game with a grade of B or higher.

Get the Rocket Launcher
To get the Rocket Launcher, go through an A game with a grade of B or higher. And we might add that the Rocket Launcher has unlimited ammo.

Play as Hunk
To play as Hunk, go through an A and a B game and get As on both missions. When you've completed both missions, a screen should come up that says Save This Game on it. Hunk is one of the swat soldiers from Umbrella. His mission is to get to the roof top from the sewers. Be warned, there are a ton of enemies -- so watch out!.

Play as Tofu
If you go through the game six times (A, B, A, B, A, B) and get all the weapons and costumes, basically all the secrets, a bonus screen will come up which will let you play as Tofu. Tofu's scenario is the same as Hunk's mission, but instead of all the cool weapons, Tofu gets a knife -- and he can't use guns.

Note: When you're starting another A game, load up your previous B-game save. Hey, it's just a reminder.

Resident Evil 2 Item List
Can't find what you're looking for? Is Resident Evil 2 bogging you down? Well, look no further, because we have the essential list of items need to pass Claire's quest. Here we go!

Blue Key Card
To acquire the blue key card, go into the room to the far left from the main hall of the Police Station. You will find a dying police officer there that will give you the card.

The Red Crystals
The first crystal can be found behind the briefing room. Above the fireplace hangs a satanic painting. Light the fireplace to get the crystal. The second crystal is on the second floor and you will clearly see a statue holding it. Move the pillars next to the statue to the opposite sides and make sure you hear a click when each one is in place. Once both are aligned correctly the crystal will fall.

Unicorn Medallion
Find this item in the STARS room. It's under some of Chris' notes.

Spade Key - This one is attained by inserting the Unicorn Medallion into its slot near the woman statue in the main hall.

On the first floor, there's a room with rolls of tape and a step stool on the floor. Move the step stool toward the top of a bookshelf and you will find the crank on top.

Serpent Stone
Go to the library on the second floor and walk upstairs. Walk along the catwalk until you fall through the floor. You must solve the puzzle of moving the bookshelves in a certain order to get this item. Look at the paneling and make sure the shelve match the shown diagram. Easy.

The lighter is in the save room on the opposite side of the library. Go out of the library and into the main hall (you should be on the second floor still) run around and into the save room.

Valve Handle
Head down the stairs where the helicopter is burning (outside). The valve is in the electrical room. Use this valve to extinguish the flames on the chopper.

The Blue Stones (Both Halves)
To get the first half you extinguish the fire on the chopper wreckage in the station. Use water valve outside to turn the fire off. Once inside the room the chopper was blocking insert the two red crystals in their place and you'll get the first half of the stone. The second half can be found in the clocktower above the library. Use the crank to lower the stairs and put the cogwheel into the missing gear slot. Once turned on, you'll get the second half.

Diamond Key
This key is in the same room as the king plug. No problem.

Police Station Map - The map can be found on the first floor inside the room with the humming fan. Look inside this room is a smaller room with a safe. The combination is 2236.

Eagle Stone
Find this elusive stone in one of the rooms to the right of the main hall. Run down the hallway and it will be in a dark room (not the photo lab). Look for it on a shelf.

Plastic Explosives
Go to the room where you got the blue key card. At the rear of the room there's an exit that leads to another room. Go into there and you'll find the explosives. The detonator can be found in the next room.

Heart Key
Once you've cleared the helicopter wreckage using plastic explosives, the key can be found in the room behind it.

The Cogwheel
Go into the room on the first floor that requires the club key to enter. The door will be green and have a weird design on it. Use the lighter to light the furnace then light the other lamps in this order: 12 - 13 - 11.

Club Key
Get this key in the sewage disposal section where you play as Sherri. Move the boxes so you can cross the section when it becomes flooded with sewage! Yummy!

Power Control Puzzle - Up, down, up, up, down

Police Basement Level 1 Map
Find this in the Power Control room listed above.

Red Key Card
This key can easily be found in the autopsy room. You'll need the club key to enter and you'll be ambushed by zombies upon entering acquiring this key.

Wolf Medallion
This is on the second level of the basement when you assume the role of Sherri again. Use this item along with the Eagle Medallion to open the Clearance ID Device.

Eagle Medallion
On the second level as well. Look for it on a dead body of the sewage operator. Use this item along with the Wolf Medallion to open the Clearance ID Device.

Weapon Box Key
Take the little cable car across and ignite the flare gun with your lighter. You'll then see the key.

Spark Shot
Get this item by checking the dead body that can be found at the end of the hallway near the cable car.

Train Turning Key
Get on the train to find the key.

Find this sucker in the lab basement 4. It's a frozen room with ice all about. Once you've received this item, use it in the same room at the computer. Once finished restore power by inserting it into the main fuse case.

Lab Key Card
In the lab basement level five, you'll find a main lab with scientists turned zombies. The key card can be found laying in here.

Vaccine & MO Disk
Go into a room (it's hard to explain how to get there, but since you're near the end of the game it's one of the rooms you haven't been in yet) and you'll see zombies galore and an MO disk laying to your left. Get the disc and put the vaccine holder into the machine and hit the switch. With that done, take what you have back to the main lab and put the vaccine into the machine.

Mixing Herb Power-Ups:
The herb power-ups can be mixed using the "combine" command for varying, but very beneficial results. This will also save storage space for holding puzzle items. Here is a listing of some herbal combinations and the outcomes:
1 green herb + 1 green herb = Full health recovery.
1 green herb + 1 blue herb = 20% health recovery and antidote.
1 green herb + 1 red herb = Full health recovery.
1 green herb + 1 red herb + 1 blue herb (in that order) = Cure-all (full health recovery and antidote). 
3 green herbs combined = Full health and more.