Nascar Rumble

All tracks and legend drivers
Enter "C9P5AU8NAA" as a password to unlock all tracks and legend drivers through the pro level

Go from Rookie Cars to Pro Cars
Win at all locales at least all three times until you beat all the locales including the EA Cup.  Note:  Don't forget to race against the legends in the legend championship.  Also go to Standard Championship to get first place in all three tracks in all six locales.

Sprint Car, race with it
When you are playing the stage with the chicken coupe, stop in the middle of the chicken coupe and turn right, you should see a golden wrench, just grab it and complete the race. You will then have the sprint car unlocked to race with.

Unlock Everything

Enter KMZWA8AWAA as a password and everything including the Elite Racing Class will be done.  Don't forget to check the Showcase for a new movie.

Unlock Bonus Tracks
The Bonus tracks are unlocked one by one when the driver finishes in the first place in Locale Championships.  The first track is unlocked after the first win, the second track is unlocked after the third win, and the final track is unlocked after the fifth win.

Unlock Bad Lands and Mardi Gras
Two Locales are unavailable when you first start playing Nascar Rumble.  The Bad Lands Locale is unlocked after a player wins their second locale Championship and the Mardi Gras Locale is unlocked after the fourth win

Unlock Legend Cars

If a player wins a Gold Cup in a Legend Championship the defeated Legend car is added to the list of available vehicles.  Each Legend car has three levels of power:  ROOKIE, PRO, AND ELITE.  Players must beat a Legend while playing at the indicated  racing class to unlock that particular level of the legend car.

Find the Wrenches To Access Hidden Cars

Chicken truck
Found in a chicken hut on the "Fowl Play" stage

Sprint Car
The wrench for his car is on the last shortcut on the 'Dog Tired' stage, turn left at the track and there it is

Jet Car
Located on Bad Lands, set on Stoney Creek. On the last turn of the track hit the jump going left and you should land on a short cut. Turn around and head back towards the end of the short cut and the wrench is right there in front of you.

Unlock The EA Sports Car
Beat EA Tournament in Rookie mode and you will unlock the EA Sports Car in Rookie mode. Then beat the game on Pro and you will be able to race the EA Sports car on Pro. It is the same for elite

Golf Cart
Located in Mardi Gras on Big Easy in the middle of the track take a shortcut right through a house. Go to the last room and turn right at the bookshelf. Break the wall and the wrench is in front of you

Where to find wrenches
Ship Shape-right before the finish line turn around go back to the far right as you are facing that way....Tow Truck Hog Hollow-at the gas station the barn door right next to it- Road Captain Golden Rule- right as you get out of the tunnel instead of taking short cut turn to the left and there is a little coupie- Loader Rip tide-behind the tents on the right at the start of the track.......

Game Shark Codes

Unlock All Difficulty Settings300B7135 0002
Unlock Locales, Tracks & Legend Drivers
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
50000D02 0000
800B7136 0202
Time Is Always 00:00:00300B47B4 0000
Unlock Bonus Tracks300B7137 0001
800B7138 0001
Enable All Secret Cars
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
50000A02 0000
300B714E 0001
Enable EA Sports Car300B714E 0001
Enable Loader300B7150 0001
Enable Sprint300B7151 0001
Enable Jet Car300B7152 0001
Enable Tow Truck300B7153 0001
Enable Chicken Truck300B7154 0001
Enable RV300B7155 0001
Enable Golf Cart300B7156 0001
Enable Hot Rod300B7157 0001
Enable Road Captain300B7158 0001