Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero

Start at the final stage
Enter "ZCHRRY" as a password to start at the Fortress with 20,000 experience points. Then,
if you die before a checkpoint, press L1 to fight Quan Chi or L2 to fight Shinnok.

Enter "TDFCLT" as a password.

1000 lives
Enter "GTTBHR" as a password.

Bloopers reel
Reach Shinnok with more than five urns of vitality. Defeat Shinnok and enter the portal. Wait until the credits end to view an outtake FMV sequence.

(Note: The “Unlimited urns” cheat may be used to accomplish this.)

Infinite urns
Enter "NXCVSZ" as a password.

View exploding Earth Boss
Enter "RCKMND" as a password.

View credits
Enter "CRVDTS" as a password.

Outtake FMV sequence
Reach Shinnok with more than five urns of vitality. Then, defeat Shinook and enter the portal.
Now wait until the credits end to view the bonus FMV sequence.

Skip to the Final Stage
Go to the Password Screen and enter the following:


Level Passwords
THWMSB.....Wind Stage
CNSZDG.....Earth Stage
ZVRKDM.....Water Stage
JYPPHD.....Fire Stage
RGTKCS.....Prison Of souls
QFTLWN.....Bridge Of Immortality
XJKNZT.....Shinnok's Fortess

To do the fatality on Scorpion press:
Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch.
Stand close to him. Subbie will rip his head off.....coool!

Fight Bosses
First enter ZCHRRY as a password then when you die hold L1 to be transported to Quan Chi and R1(or L2,I can't remember) to be transported to Shinnok.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lives 800D7D48 0009
Max EXP Modifier 800AD200 ????
EXP Modifier 800D7DC4 ????
Have All Spells 800AD200 0F00
800D7DC4 0F00
Infinite Energy [Note] 800F9FBC 00A6
Infinite MP [Note] 800F9FBE 00A6
Infinite MP on All Levels After Dying 80073764 0000
80073766 0000
80073784 0000
80073786 0000
Infinite Credits 800D784C 0009

Note: These codes do not work after you die.