Crash Bandicoot 2

Unlimited Lives
Go to the secret level in UNBEARABLE. At about the halfway point there is a bouncing box and an arc of fruit. Go to the highest step and super jump up to find two extra lives. Get both of them and kill yourself. Return to that spot for 2 more lives. Repeat as many times as you want!

Extra Lives:
In the second warp room in front of the level "Bear It", jump on the cute little polar bear 10 times and he will give you 10 extra lives

The game is riddled with "Special gems". One type of special gem is a box gem, you are rewarded this gem for opening all the boxes in a level, every level has one of these gems (getting one of these gems is tedious work) [every rule has an exception]. Submitted by sussie

Special moves
To get an extra far jump, jump while sliding. This will allow you to jump in mid air while sliding off a platform, Submitted by sussie

100 Lives
The code for crash bandicoot 2 at the part when the thing pops up that says universal press R1 L1 R2  AND YOU WILL HAVE A HUNDRED LIVES. Submitted by  Starface92128..xxxxxx

Debug mode
Hold Up + X at the Naughty Dog logo. At the title screen it will say "debug".

Boss Warp:
To go to the next or previous boss, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, and Triangle when standing on the middle platform of a warp room.

Return To Boss Stages: 
Position Crash on the center platform. Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and press Up when Crash points up or down.

Play previous bosses
Hold Triangle as Crash points and moves Up or down on the elevator thing. If the screen turns white, you did it right!

First Level Skip:
On the first level, pause the game and go to the warp room and you will skip the level.

Aku Aku Mask
After losing a life, hold Up + Circle until Crash moves. Release the buttons when Crash looses his second life.

(Note: While in a warp tunnel, Press X (twice) before holding X + Up. Release the buttons when Crash looses his second life.)

Extra Shield
When Crash dies hold Up and Circle. When Crash comes back he will have an extra shield.

Secret Room
In level 16, "Hangin'Out", there are holes you can go in. Go inside the 2nd one. You will land in water. Go backward until you find another hole jump in it and you will find a secret room with several lives in it

Secret Level:
On the "Unbearable" level, when the second bear falls off the bridge, go back and jump into the space where he fell. This takes you to a level with blokes firing guns at you.

Gem Hints
On the Bee-Havin level 20 about 2/3 through the level there is a stack of Nitro's.
Climb up them and you will be able to get the Purple gem.

These are for the colored gems.
Turtle Woods: You have to get no boxes (Blue Gem)
Snow Go: Get the warp for Snow Go and at the end of it is the Red Gem
The Eel Deal: Go past the Nitro Boxes at the Dead End and go through the wall.
(Green Gem)
Plant Food: Get no boxes and beat the timer

Hidden Warps:
1. Beardown: the small ice floe at the end of the stage
2. Aircrash: the second river, don't jet ski, but jump on the boxes to the platform
3. Unbearable: when the cub bucks you off, go back until you see him again.
4. Hangin' out: when you drop down a hole into some eel-less water go into the foreground and drop down a hole. use R1 to make crash pull up his legs.
5. Diggin' it : near the end there is a spitter plant on a circular platform. Belly flop onto it.

Area Warps
RED GEM to find the red gem you must play level 7, Air Crash. When you come to the first jet board don't get on it, instead jump on the first box you see and bounce off it onto another box. You will see a platform bounce onto it and you will warp to the secret warp room with a portal to level 2 Snow Go open.

AIR CRASH GEM to get all the boxes in Air Crash, you must get to the Third warp room and play Level 13 Bear Down. At the end, when the bear throws you of its back over a frozen lake, go back. Jump across the small tinted ice flows, and onto the large white one. You will warp to the secret warp room with the portal to Air Crash open.

TOTALLY BEAR To access level 26, Totally Bear, play level 15 Unbearable. At the end the baby bear will throw you over a pit. Slide-jump back over the pit, and walk to where the bear is sitting. When you get there you will go to the secret warp room with Totally Bear open.

TOTALLY FLY To access level 27 Totally Fly, play level 16 Hangin' Out. When you fall into the water with the crystal, go backwards instead of forwards you will fall into a hole. Play this area and you will warp to the secret warp room with Totally Fly open.

Extra Lives
There are several ways to earn extra lives. One way is to whack bees. Another way is to jump on the polar bear’s head in the second warp room (level 6-10).


Playing Tip for Totally Bear
When playing Level 26, Totally Bear, use the long jump (O or R1 button and X button) when riding the bear. This allows you to jump farther than on regular bear levels like Bear It and Bear Down. Without out the long jump, you can't get past any of the jumps.


More extra lives (not from the polar bear)
In Behaving, pass the bee colony but do not go underground. With practice, you can hit every bee away with one spin. If done correctly, you will receive 2 lives. If done again you will receive one life. Continue as much as you want!

100 lives
IMPORTANT: if you get a life in the normal way a life the total gets to 99 again. so be careful:
To perform this glitch you must have 99 lives to this:
* go to a level of your choice
* walk it till you get 100 wumpa's/ or hit a crash box
* when the life is going to your total of life. pause the game
* the screen will freeze a little
* you will be entering the warproom with 100 lives
* do this again for more lives
I did this with Road to ruin cos it is my favorite level of all. enjoy this amazing glitch. Not originally found by me. but by someone else!! (more). Submitted by Extrodotro

Red Gem
Go to air crash and once u arrive at the first surfboard jump to the boxes on the right and jump from box to box until u get to the platform that is by its self. Then u will be brought to a hidden section. Go in the board there that is called Sno-go. Then beat the part u are brought to at the end of this section is where it will be at then finish the rest of the board

This is a different Sno-go than the one on the 2nd level.

Go to the Snow-Go level and keep on going until you should see the red ruby on top of our screen right after that you should see a metal box with an arrow on it. Jump on that box and right before you land on it spin. (this should cause you not to jump.) once you have landed on it slide and then press O or R1 this should cause you to jump higher. Keep on trying until you will get the red ruby.

Hints & Tips

Breaking fences
Spin in the fences in the "Unbearable" level to break through instead of jumping over them. This will let Crash get away from the bear faster.

Finding the "Air Crash" boxes
Go "Bear Down" (level 13) and get right to the end of the level. The bear throws will throw you off where there are little black icebergs in the water. Jump on these to get to the large white iceberg and get transported to another level where the rest of the boxes for "Air Crash" (level 7) are located.

Bonus lives
Jump on the baby polar bear's head in the second warp room (level 6-10) ten times to collect ten extra lives.

Extra apples
Whenever you find plants that spit at you, such as the ones in the Bee-Having level, body slam them to kill them and get extra apples.

Turtle Woods level
Locate the mask-type object on the ground in level 1, Turtle Woods. Press X, Circle to do a belly flop to reach a hidden area in the level.
To get the Blue Gem in Turtle Woods, collect no boxes throughout the stage. To get the Red Gem in the second stage, bounce off the seal. Then, when you get below the gem, body slam to get the extra height needed to collect it.

Get the gem in bee-having
To get the gem in bee-having continue the level until you come to a set of nitro boxes arranged like steps. Jump to the highest point of the nitro boxes and you will be teleported to a new place to get the gem.

In the Crash Crush level, when you get into the bonus area, purposely make Crash walk to the left and fall off the end. Instead of dying, Crash will land on a hidden platform with an extra life, some wumpa fruit, and a steel arrow marked crate to jump on back to the top and finish the bonus area. Submitted by Jag 36

In the level, The Pits, there is a whole close to the end of the game. You will land in turtle woods. Submitted by Ryan Walsh

Game Shark Codes

All Crystals 8006cda4ffff
100 Lives 8006cbd06400
All Gems 8006cc28ffff