Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Note: This game is also titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters.

Enter the following passwords:
Head: 33396948
Right Leg: 08124921
Left Leg: 44519536
Left Arm: 07902349
Right Arm: 70902349

To make twin headed thunder dragon.
Dragon + Thunder
Zombie + Thunder
Or the long way
Dragon + Plant + Thunder 
Submitted by  Michael

Good Cards
If u beat the mage soldier he can give u good cards like battle ox!!!!
Submitted by Luke S

Summoned Skull 4500ATK
Fuse time wizard and embryonic beast to make summoned skull now to make its ATK 4500 you play Yami on the field then play beast fangs, sword of dark destruction and black pendant to destroy HI mountain images black skull dragon.
Submitted by Ryan Darby Charlton

Unlock every code
Unlock every code for nothing no need to exchange starchips enter:57893461.
Submitted by Nathan

Some Fusions
Red Eyes B. Dragon + Summoned Skull=B. Skull Dragon
Red Eyes B. Dragon + Meteor Dragon=Meteor B. Dragon
Air Mourmount of Neoforiess + Fire Reaper=Flame Cerberus.
Submitted by Jon Williams

Red Eyes B. Dragon
Defeat Joey (Jono) 2nd 50 times in Free Duel to get this rare card.
Submitted by Jon Williams

Enter "92445276" as a password. Note: This is one of the codes that are revealed when the game is completed.

Description: Yami + Yami= Dark energy.
Submitted by Burt Kevin Molina

Dragon Zombie + Thunder type + dragons treasure= Twin Headed Thunder Dragon 3300atk!!.
Submitted by Burt Kevin Molina

Good cards and Fusions
I have two things. The first is elaborating on something already there.

Final Flame-200 LP
To make Final Flame u fuse Hinotama X2. Submitted by Ryan Darby Charlton

The meadow mage is definitely the best place to get good cards when you're not that good. I got several good cards after just 50 fights: 3 dark magicians, skull knight, Gaia the fierce Knight, swordsman of tradition. I got a few more, but you probably don't care.
If you're having trouble beating him, use fusions, especially if you bring out a strong card fast, he often uses sogen, so you get a free hit on his LP!
Submitted by laxallday14

Ritual Numbers
Dark Magic Ritual 645
Curse of Millennium Shield 665
Yamadron Ritual 666
Gate Guardian Ritual 667
Black Luster Ritual 670
Zera Ritual 671
Submitted by Bryan Harris

Heishin and Heishin 2nd
When you beat the game, you will start back at the beginning with the deck that you used to beat nightmare.
when you get to heishin, beat him and the computer will force him to duel you until you lose. however, if you beat him a lot, he will give you great cards, like: Meteor B. Dragon, Machine King,Crimson sunbird,Soul hunter, and more good cards. the best way to get good cards is to make heishin have only 600,700,or 800 life points left, then attack his life points with Meteor B. Dragon.
Also when you beat heishin 2nd in story mode, go to free duel and beat him a lot. sometimes he will give you Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!!!
Submitted by James

Its hard to beat anyone without fusions, here are a couple that have helped me.
Twin headed Thunder Dragon-SO MANY THINGS CAN MAKE THIS! Here are examples, and also just the types
dragon + plant=(Black D. Jungle King) + thunder type=THTD

Basically, the way it works is this:
you need a dragon with 1600 atk or more, and electricity. If you have a thunder dragon, which is 1600 atk and thunder type, just add EITHER a dragon or a thunder type. dragon + thunder + dragon works too, also dragon + metal + thunder, also dragon + thunder + thunder. Also swordsman (with atk under 1600)+dragon(=sword arm of dragon) + thunder all of these work, and there are more. especially if you equip dragon's treasure or have a helpful landscape (umi and mountain) this thing is 3300 atk! its regularly 2800atk . If you're fighting the meadow mage, there are a few things to look out for.

These are: Judge Man-when sogen is the landscape, he has 2700 atk, THTD (twin headed thunder dragon) is sometimes weak against him withg the guarding planets. USE PLUTO, NOT MOON AGAINST THE MEADOW MAGE!

Millenium Shield-With sogen on, this theing has 3500 def! it is almost always mars as defending planet, which, happens to be the planet that is strong against pluto. You're safer going pluto with THTD since you wont die, but if there is a face-down mars planet card in def, DONT ATTACK IT! Wait until you get a raegiki (did i spell that right) or set up mountain or umi. then fuse a THTD to annihilate it! (with mountain or umi, THTD has 3300 atk, without sogen, millennium shield has 3000 def, as long as you're on moon for this one, you can take it!)  Ok, I'm done. hope this helps. By the way...if you want a dragon deck mainly, and you have the dragons...consider saving up for dragon's treasure. I'm really done now. Submitted by laxallday14

Enter "25774450" as a password. Note: This is one of the codes that are revealed when the game is completed.

Fashioning meteor b. dragon
To fashion meteor b. dragon you will need three salamander, three beast fang, three megamorph, three dragon treasure and one mountain then it will be more than 9999 attack and def. Submitted by Bulky

You can get left arm of the forbidden one when you fight Judo Second and the Meteor B. Dragon also you can get Red eyes black dragon in 50 or 60. Submitted by Al-raise

Monster Fusion
Petit dragon + any flower or plant = Black Dragon Jungle King (2100 attack 1800 defense)

To defeat seto third
To defeat seto third you must have Meteor B. Dragon also you must have three Salamandra, three Dragon treasure and one Mountain then combined them to Meteor B. Dragon the attack of you Meteor B. Dragon is 6000 but be careful he have Shadow spell this will decrease your attack and defense by 1000 and he also have Blue-eyes ultimate dragon (4500/3800). Submitted by Yasmine

Meadow Mage Gives Good Cards
The meadow mage gives very good cards like Meteor B. Dragon , Blue eyes white dragon, Skull knight, Dark magician, gaia the fierce knight , and B. Skull dragon, if you can beat him enough times and get good ranks. It may take a lot of times before getting any of the rare cards but is very easy if you use THTDs (twin headed thunder dragon) to win your duels. Submitted by Ron C

Description: here are a few fusions is napped together in bout first 60mins of playing this:

fairy (elf) + warrior + pyro = flame swordsman(1800att)(1600def)(sumtimes doesn't work, dunno why)
fairy (elf) + warrior = celtic guardian(1400att)(1200def) or minomushi warrior(1300att)(1200def)(depends on which warrior and fairy you use)
female + rock = mystical sand(2100att)(1700def)
female + plant = queen of autumn leaves(1800att)(1600def)
machine + beast = giga-tech wolf(1200att)(1400def)
dragon + zombie = dragon zombie(1600att)(0def)
dragon statue + zombie = dragon zombie (1600att)(0def)
warrior + rock = minomushi warrior(1300att)(1200def)
milus radiant + plant = flower wolf(1800att)(1600def)
dragon statue + rock = stone D.(2000att)(2300def)
warrior + plant = bean soldier(1400att)(1200def)
machine + warrior = cyber soldier(1500att)(1700def) Submitted by Adam

Fight Yugi's Grandpa
Put in 654377205 as password

Fighting Simon Muran
At the beginning of the game, Simon talks to you. You will have options to listen or run away. This is what he will do on each condition:
Run Away: When you return, you will go straight to your room.
Listen, Run Away: When you return, you will have a chance to duel with Simon Muran.
Listen, Listen, Run Away: When you return, you will go straight to your room.
Listen, Listen, Listen: You will go straight to your room. Easy Starchips
Defeat Teana and Jono in campaign mode, then go to free duel. Keep challenging Teana or Jono for easy starchips.

Passing the labyrinth
After you win, go right, right, left, right. Then, you save Tea and fight two opponents before Keishin. Then Seto appears and the end is Darknite.

Combo 4 twin headed thunder dragon at 2800! crawling dragon#2 +mega thunder ball

Get everything without starship. Submitted by Jaden: visakan100@xxxxxx

These are fusions:
wicked dragon of the east+ kuriboh = koumori dragon
dharma cannon + yama fano dragon scroll = melt dragon
weather control + vishwar randi = dark witch. Submitted by Willmer

Fight bandit Keith and wait until you win goes away but don't price anything thou. It works on anyone. But I prefer you do this to bandit Keith, because my 2nd time I fought bandit Keith and won and did this I got the right arm of the forbidden one. Submitted by Josh

3D Battle Arena
Press X on one of your monsters, then press Square instead of using X to attack again

Always try to beat different duelist in free mode a lot so you could get legendary cards. Submitted by Franklin

To Start Off With Strong Cards Enter Your Name As YuGiOh Or Konami And You Will Start Off With Cards Like Water Magician (1400/1200) Or Koumori Dragon(1500/1200) Good Luck. Submitted by DUELMONSTERKID

Beat Sea High Mage to get Labryith Wall. Submitted by Vishaal Prasad

Fight rare hunters
Type in the password: 12345678. Submitted by Vishaal Prasad

Description: hi, now I bet u that at least one of u people are stuck on this game well I'll give you some hints, if you don't want game shark:
I got gate guardian from high meadow magetwin headed thunder dragon from labyrinth mage (remember, play the labyrinth mage until he gives you thunder dragon, after that 3 duels later he will give you twin headed thunder dragon. And METEOR BLACK DRAGON!!! (finally!!) from joy, after he gives you red eyes 2 X's. Submitted by Raisul

Ok, here are some of the best cards everybody gives...

Simon Muran-Mystical Elf, Celtic Guardian
Teana 1st-???
Villager1-Some Good Magic
Villager2-Mammoth Graveyard,Twin-Headed King Rex, Celtic Guardian, Mystical Elf
Villager3-Zombie Dragon
Jono 1st-Baby Dragon, Time Wizard
Seto 1st-???
Heishin 1st-Gate Guardian Pieces, Skull Knight,2000-2200ATK monsters
Rex Raptor-Twin Heaed King Rex
Mai-Mechanicalchaser, Spirit of the Harp, Battle Ox
Bandit Keith-Metalmorph
Pegasus-Widespread Ruin, Megamorph
Kaiba-Dragon Capture Jar
Mage Soldier-None
Jono 2nd-Red Eyes B. Dragon, Meteor B. Dragon
Teana 2nd-???
Low Sea Mage-???
High Sea Mage-Labyrinth Wall
Low Mountain Mage-Meteor Dragon,Crimson Sunbird
High Mountain Mage-B.Skull Dragon
Low Meadow Mage-Skull Knight, Meteor B. Dragon, Dark Magician, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Curse of Dragon
High Meadow Mage-Gate Guardian
Low Forest Mage-Great Moth
High Forest Mage-Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Great Moth
Low Desert Mage-???
High Desert Mage-Zoa
Labyrinth Mage-Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Seto 2nd-Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, Gaia the Fierce Knight
Guardian Sebek-Zoa, Summoned Skull
Guardian Neku-Brachio Radius
Heishin 2nd-Same as 1st
Seto 3rd-Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Seto 1st's
Darknite-Good 2000ATK monsters
Nitemare-Same thing
That's all the good cards I've won. Submitted by Jon Williams

Card passwords
At the title screen, select the "Load Game" option, then choose the "Password" selection and enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding card. Note: You will need a certain amount of Starships to get the cards when using the following passwords.

7 Colored Fish                  23771716
Abyss Flower                    40387124
Acid Crawler                    77568553
Acid Trap Hole                  41356845
Air Marmot of Nefa              75889523
Akakieisu                       38035986
Akihiron                        36904469
Alinsection                     70924884
Alligator's Sword               64428736
All-seeing Goddess              53493204
Alpha the Magnet Warrior        99785935
Amazon of the Seasons           17968114
Ameba                           95174353
Amphibious Bugroth              40173854
Ancient Brain                   42431843
Ancient Elf                     93221206
Ancient Jar                     81492226
Ancient One of the Forest       14015067
Ancient Sorcerer                36821538
Ancient Tool                    49587396
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment   86421986
Ancient Water Turtle            11714098
Angelwitch                      37160778
Ansatsu                         48365709
Anthrosaurus                    89904598
Anti Raigeki                    42364257
Aqua Dragon                     86164529
Aqua Madoor                     85639257
Aqua Snake                      12436646
Arlownay                        14708569
Arma Knight                     36151751
Armaill                         53153481
Armed Ninja                     09076207
Armored Lizard                  15480588
Armored Rat                     16246527
Armored Starfish                17535588
Armored Zombie                  20277860
Axe of Despair                  40619825
Axe Raider                      48305365
Baby Dragon                     88819587
Baron Of The Fiend Sword        86325596
Barox                           06840573
Barrel Dragon                   81480460
Barrel Lily                     67841515
Barrel Rock                     10476868
Basic Insect                    89091579
Bat                             72076281
Battle Ox                       05053103
Battle Steer                    18246479
Battle Warrior                  55550921
Beaked Snake                    06103114
Bean Soldier                    84990171
Bear Trap                       78977532
Beast Fangs                     46009906
Beast King of the South         99426834
Beast of Talwar                 11761845
Beastly Mirror Ritual           81933259
Beautiful Beast Trainer         29616941
Beautiful Headhunter            16899564
Beaver Soldier                  32452818
Behegon                         94022093
Berfomet                        77207191
Beta the Magnet Warrior         39256679
Bickuribox                      25655502
Big Eye                         16768387
Big Insect                      53606874
Big Shield Gardna               65240384
Binding Chain                   08058240
Bio Plant                       07670542
Bite Shoes                      50122883
Black Dragon Jungle             89832901
Black Illusion Ritual           41426869
Black Luster Ritual             55761792
Black Luster Ritual             81756897
Black Luster Soldier            05405694
Black Pendant                   65169794
Black Skull Dragon              11901678
Blackland Fire Dragon           87564352
Bladefly                        28470714
Blast Juggler                   70138455
Blast Sphere                    26302522
Blocker                         34743446
Blue Eyes Silver Zombie         35282433
Blue Eyes Ultra Dragon          23995346
Blue Eyes White Dragon          89631139
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon           53183600
Blue-winged Crown               41396436
Bolt Escargot                   12146024
Bolt Penguin                    48531733
Bone Mouse                      21239280
Boo Koo                         68963107
Book of Secret Arts             91595718
Bottom Dweller                  81386177
Boulder Tortoise                09540040
Bracchio-Raidus                 16507828
Brave Scizzar                   74277583
Breath of Life                  20101223
Bright Castle                   82878489
Burglar                         06297941
Call Of The Haunted             91536248
Candle of Destiny               47695416
Cannon Soldier                  11384280
Card Destruction                72892473
Castle Walls                    44209392
Castle of Dark Magic            00062121
Catapult Turtle                 95727991
Celtic Guardian                 91152256
Chakra                          65393205
Change of Heart                 04031928
Change Slime                    18914778
Charubin the Fire Knight        37421579
Chimera the Flying              04796100
Chronolord                      61454890
Claw Reacher                    41218256
Clown Zombie                    92667214
Cockroach Knight                33413638
Cocoon of Evolution             40240595
Commencement Dance              43417563
Contruct of Mask                02304453
Corroding Shark                 34290067
Cosmo Queen                     38999506
Cosmo Queen's Prayer            04561679
Crab Turtle                     91782219
Crass Clown                     93889755
Crawling Dragon                 67494157
Crawling Dragon #2              38289717
Crazy Fish                      53713014
Crimson Sunbird                 46696593
Crow Goblin                     77998771
Crush Card                      57728570
Curse of Dragon                 28279543
Curse of Millenium              83094937
Curse Of Trihorned Dragon       79699070
Cursebreaker                    69666645
Curtain of the Dark             22026707
Cyber Commander                 06400512
Cyber Raider                    39978267
Cyber Saurus                    89112729
Cyber Shield                    63224564
Cyber Soldier                   44865098
Cyber Soldier of Darkness       75559356
Cyber-Stein                     69015963
Cyber-tech Alligator            48766543
Dancing Elf                     59983499
Dark Artist                     72520073
Dark Assailant                  41949033
Dark Chimera                    32344688
Dark Elf                        21417692
Dark Energy                     04614116
Dark Gray                       09159938
Dark Hole                       53129443
Dark King of the Abyss          53375573
Dark Magic Ritual               76792184
Dark Magician                   46986414
Dark Magician Girl              38033121
Dark Plant                      13193642
Dark Prisoner                   89558090
Dark Rabbit                     99261403
Dark Shade                      40196604
Dark Titan of Terror            89494469
Dark Witch                      35565537
Dark World Thorns               43500484
Dark-eyes Illusionist           38247752
Darkfire Dragon                 17881964
Dark-Piercing Light             45895206
Deepsea Shark                   28593363
Deepsea Warrior                 24128274
De-Spell                        19159413
Destroyer Golem                 73481154
Dharma Cannon                   96967123
Dian Keto the Cure              84257639
Dice Armadilo                   69893315
Dig Beak                        29948642
Dimensional Knight              37043180
Disk Magician                   76446915
Dissolverock                    40826495
Dokuroizo the Grim              25882881
Dokurorider                     99721536
Doll of Demise                  91635482
Doma the Angel of Doom          16972957
Doron                           00756652
Dorover                         24194033
Dragon Capture Jar              50045299
Dragon Human                    81057959
Dragon Piper                    55763552
Dragon Seeker                   28563545
Dragon Statue                   09197735
Dragon Treasure                 01435851
Dragon Zombie                   66672569
Dragoness the Wicked            70681994
Dream Clown                     13215230
Drill Bug                       88733579
Droll Bird                      97973387
Drooling Lizard                 16353197
Dryad                           84916669
Dunames Dark Witch              12493482
Dungeon Worm                    51228280
Eatgaboon                       42578427
Eldeen                          06367785
Electric Lizard                 55875323
Electric Snake                  11324436
Electro-whip                    37820550
Elegant Egotist                 90219263
Elf's Light                     39897277
Embryonic Beast                 64154377
Emperor of the Lance            11250655
Empress Judge                   15237615
Enchanting Mermaid              75376965
Eradicating Aerosol             94716515
Eternal Draught                 56606928
Eternal Rest                    95051344
Exile of the Wicked             26725158
Exodia of Forbidden             33396948
Eyearmor                        64511793
Faceless Mage                   28546905
Fairy Dragon                    20315854
Fairy of the Fountain           81563416
Fairy's Gift                    68401546
Faith Bird                      75582395
Fake Trap                       03027001
Feral Imp                       41392891
Fiend Kraken                    77456781
Fiend Reflection #1             68870276
Fiend Reflection #2             02863439
Fiend Sword                     22855882
Fiend's Hand                    52800428
Fiend's Mirror                  31890399
Final Flame                     73134081
Fire Eye                        88435542
Fire Grass                      53293545
Fire Kraken                     46534755
Fire Reaper                     53581214
Fire-eating Turtle              96981563
Firewing Pegasus                27054370
Fireyarou                       71407486
Fissure                         66788016
Flame Cerebrus                  60862676
Flame Ghost                     58528964
Flame Manipulator               34460851
Flame Swordsman                 45231177
Flame Viper                     02830619
Flower Wolf                     95952802
Flying Penguin                  5628232
Follow Wind                     98252586
Forest                          87430998
Fortress Whale                  62337487
Fortress Whale's Oath           77454922
Frenzied Panda                  98818516
Frog The Jam                    68638985
Fungi of the Musk               53830602
Fusionist                       01641882
Gaia the Dragon Champion        66889139
Gaia the Fierce Knight          06368038
Gale Dogra                      16229315
Garma Sword                     90844184
Garma Sword Oath                78577570
Garnecia Elefantis              49888191
Garoozis                        14977074
Garvas                          69780745
Gate Deeg                       49258578
Gate Guardian                   25833572
Gate Guardian Ritual            56483330
Gate Sword                      46211326
Gatekeeper                      19737320
Gazelle the King of Dreams      05818798
Gear Golem the Mover            30190809
Gemini Elf                      69140098
Genin                           49370026
Giant Flea                      41762634
Giant Mech-soldier              72299832
Giant Red Seasnake              58831685
Giant Scorpion of Tundra        41403766
Giant Soldier of Stone          13039848
Giganto                         33621868
Giga-tech Wolf                  08471389
Giltia the Dark Knight          51828629
Goblin Fan                      04149689
Goblin's Secret Recover         11868825
Goddess of Whim                 67959180
Gokibore                        15367030
Golgoil                         07526150
Gorgon Egg                      11793047
Grappler                        02906250
Graveyard & Hand            27094595
Great Bill                      55691901
Great Mammoth of Graveyard      54622031
Great Moth                      14141448
Great White                     13429800
Green Phantom King              22910685
Greenkappa                      61831093
Griffore                        53829412
Griggle                         95744531
Gruesome Goo                    65623423
Guardian of the La              89272878
Guardian of the Thunder         47879985
Gyakutenno Megami               31122090
Hamburger Recipe                80811661
Hane-Hane                       07089711
Haniwa                          84285623
Hannibal Necromancer            05640330
Happy Lover                     99030164
Hard Armor                      20060230
Harpie Lady                     76812113
Harpie Lady Sister              12206212
Harpie's Feather Duster         18144506
Harpie's Pet Dragon             52040216
Hercules Beetle                 52584282
Hero of the East                89987208
Hibikime                        64501875
High Tide Gyojin                54579801
Hinotama                        46130346
Hinotama Soul                   96851799
Hiro's Shadow Scout             81863068
Hitodenchak                     46718686
Hitotsu-me Giant                76184692
Holograh                        10859908
Horn Imp                        69669405
Horn of Light                   38552107
Horn of the Unicorn             64047146
Hoshiningen                     67629977
Hourglass of Courage            43530283
Hourglass of Life               08783685
House of Adhesive               15083728
Hungry Burger                   30243636
Hungry Ghoul                    95265975
Hunter Spider                   80141480
Hurricail                       15042735
Hyo                             38982356
Hyosube                         02118022
Hyozanryu                       62397231
King Fog                        84686841
Last Will                       85602018
Mammoth Graveyard               40374923
Monster Reborn                  83764718
Monster-egg                     36121917
Mystical Sheep #2               83464209
Nemuriko                        90963488
Red Eyes Black Dragon           74677422
Red Medicine                    38199696
Reinforcements                  17814387
Remove Trap                     51482758
Reverse Trap                    77622396
Roaring Ocean Snake             19066538
Silver Fang                     90357090
Sogen                           86318356
Soul Exchange                   68005187
Spike Seadra                    85326399
Summoned Skull                  70781052
Sword Arm of Dragon             13069066
Sword of Dark Destruction       37120512
Trap Hole                       04206964
Two-Pronged Attack              83887306
Ultimate Offering               80604091
Waboku                          12607053
Yami                            59197169

Fusion List

Green phantom king + Eldeen = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Green phantom king + Fiend Hand = Wood Remains
Griggle Milus + Radiant = Flower Wolf
Gruesome groo + Yamatano = Dragon Scroll + Spike Seadra
Guardian of Labyrinth + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
Guardian of the Labyrinth + Corroding shark = Zombie Warrior
Haniwa + Shadow Specter = Stone Ghost
Haniwa + M-warrior #1 = Minomushi Warrior
Haniwa + Kageningen = Minomushi Warrior
Haniwa + Bone Mouse = Stone Ghost
Hinotama Soul + Kageningen = Fire Reaper
Hinotama Soul + Kageningen = Charubin the Fire Knight
Hinotama Soul + ansatsu = Flame Swordsman
Hinotama Soul + Silver Fang = Flame Cerebrus
Hinotama Soul + Milus Radiant = Flame Cerebrus
Hinotama Soul + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Hinotama Soul + Eyearmor = Charubin the Fire Knight
Hourglass of Courage + Milus Radiant = Garvas
Hourglass of Courage + Silver Fang = Garvas
hourglass of Courage + Lady of faith = Dark Witch
Hourglass of Life + Nemuriko = Dark Witch
Hourglass of Life + Milus = Radiant Garvas
Hourglass of Life + Silver Fang = Garvas
Hourglass of Life + Queen's Double = Dark Witch
Kageningen + Laughing flower = Bean Soldier
Kageningen + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Kageningen + Fireyarou = Flame Swordsman
Kageningen + Flame viper = Charubin the Fire Knight
Kageningen + Haniwa = Minomushi Warrior
Kageningen + Hinotama Soul = Fire Reaper
Kageningen + Hinotama Soul = Charubin the Fire Knight
Key Mace + Laughing flower = Queen of Autun Leaves
Key Mace + Man Eating Plant = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Key Mace + Muka Muka = Mystical Sand
Key Mace + Barrel Lilly = Queen of Autun Leaves
Key Mace + Dark Plant = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Key Mace + Milus Radiant = Nekogal #2
Key Mace + Shadow Specter = Battle Warrior
Kraegen + Cyber-Stein = Cyber Soldier
Lady of faith + hourglass of Courage = Dark Witch
LaLa Li-oon + Wetha = Bolt Escargot
LaLa Li-oon + Necrolancer the Timelord = The Immortal of Thunder
Laughing flower + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Basic Insect = Queen of Autun Leaves
Laughing flower + Bone Mouse = Wood Remains
Laughing flower + Eyearmor = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Kageningen = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Key Mace = Queen of Autun Leaves
Laughing flower + Milus Radiant = Flower Wolf
Laughing flower + Nemuriko = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Laughing flower + Wolf = Flower Wolf
Mammoth graveyard + The snake hair = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
mammoth graveyard + Dragon zombie = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Armored zombie = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Corroding shark = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Fiend Hand = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Shadow Specter = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Man Eating Plant + Key Mace = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Man-eater Bug + Eyearmor = Cockroach Knoght
Man-eating Plant + Skull Servant = Wood Remains
Man-eating Plant + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Man-eating Plant + Unknown Warrior of Fiend = Bean Soldier
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Blue eye silver zombie = Zombie Warrior
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman = Dragon Zombie = Sword arm of dragon
Mech Mole Zombie + Rainbow Flower = Wood Remains
Mechanical Snail + Mystic Lamp = Disk Magician
Mechanical Snail + Armed Ninja = Cyber Soldier
Mechanical snail + Milus Radiant = Giga-tech Wolf
Mechanical Snail + Tomozaurus = Cyber Saurus
Mechmole Zombie + Swordsman from a = Zombie Warrior
Milus Radiant + Mechanical snail = Giga-tech Wolf
Milus Radiant + Armed Ninja = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Swordsman = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Laughing flower = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Dark Plant = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Barrel Lily = Flower Wolf
Milus Radian + Tentacle Plant = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Nemuriko = Nekogal # 2
Milus Radiant + Key Mace = Nekogal #2
Milus Radiant + Griggle = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Flame Viper = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Fireareyou = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + armaill = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + green phantom king = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Hinotama Soul = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Hourglass of Courage = Garvas
Milus Radiant + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Milus Radiant + masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + protechtor of the throne = Nekogal #2
Milus Radiant + White Dolphin = Tatsunootsoshigo
Muka Muka + Flame Viper = Dissolverick
Muka Muka + Bone Mouse = Stone Ghost
Muka Muka + M-warrior #1 = Minomushi Warrior
Muka Muka + Nemuriko = Mystical Sand
Muka Muka + Key Mace = Mystical Sand
Mushroom Man + Temple of Skulls = Wood Remains
Mushroom Man #2 + wolf = Tiger Axe
Mushroom Man #2 + Fireareyou = Flame Sordsman
Mushroom man #2 + Blast Juggler = Flame Swordsman
Mushroom man #2 + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
M-warrior #1 + Abyss Flower = Bean Soldier
M-warrior #1 + Cyber-Stein = Cyber Soldier
M-warrior #1 + Haniwa = Minomushi Warrior
M-warrior #1 + Muka Muka = Minomushi Warrior
M-warrior #1 + Shadow Specter = Zombie Warrior
Mystic Lamp + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Mystic Lamp + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Mystic Lamp + Bat = Disk Magician
Mystic Lamp + Mechanical Snail = Disk Magician
Mystical Lamp + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Mystical sheep #1 + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Necrolancer + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Necrolancer the Timelord + LaLa Li-oon = The Immortal of Thunder
Nemuriko + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Nemuriko + Aqua Snake = Queen of Autun Leaves
Nemuriko + Laughing flower = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Nemuriko + Aqua Snake = Queen of Autun Leaves
Nemuriko + Bat = Disk Magician
Nemuriko + Hourglass of Life = Dark Witch
Nemuriko + Milus Radiant = Nekogal # 2
Nemuriko + Muka Muka = Mystical Sand
Niwatori + Boo Koo = Spirit of the Books
Phantom Dewan + Steel Scorpion = Disk Magician
Pot the TricK + Fire Eye = Dissolverock
Pot the Trick + Flame Viper = Dissolverock
Pot the Trick + Sectarian of Secrets = Ushi Oni
Pot the Trick + Mystical Lamp = Ushi Oni
Pot the Trick + Mystic Lamp = Ushi Oni
Princess of Tsunagi + Happy Lover = Dark Witch
protechtor of the throne + Milus Radiant = Nekogal #2
protector of the throne + Bone Mouse = Zombie Warrior
protector of the throne + Silver Fang = Nekogal #2
Psychic Kappa + Frog the Jam = Hyosube
Queen's Double + Barrel Lili = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Queen's Double + Hourglass of Life = Dark Witch
Rainbow Flower + Mech Mole Zombie = Wood Remains
Root water + Air Marmot of Nefariousaess = Tatsunootsoshigo
Sectarian of Secrets + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Shadow Specter + Key Mace Battle Warrior
Shadow Specter + Armed Ninja = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + Swordsman = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + M-warrior #1 = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + Barrellily = Pumpking the King of Ghost
Shadow Specter + Mammoth Graveyard = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Shadow Specter + Bean Soldier = Pumpking the King of Ghost
Shadow Specter + Haniwa = Stone Ghost
Shadow Specter + Mystic Lamp = Magical Ghost
Shadow Specter + Necrolancer = Magical Ghost
Shadow Specter + Nemuriko = Magical Ghost
Silver Fang + Armed Ninja = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Mushroom man #2 = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Beast fangs = Silver Fang
Silver Fang + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Flower Wolf
Silver Fang + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Happy Lover = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hinotama Soul = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Courage = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Silver Fang + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Protector of the throne = Nekogal #2
Silver Fang + Tentacle Flower = Flower Wolf
Skull Servant + Genin = Magical Ghost
Skull Servant + Man-eating Plant = Wood Remains
Steel Scorpion + Phantom Dewan = Disk Magician
Steel Scorpion + Swordsman from a = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Basic = Insect Cockroach Knoght
Swordsman + Bat = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Swordsman + Shadow Specter = Zombie Warrior
Swordsman from a + Steel Scorpion = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman from a + Mechmole Zombie = Zombie Warrior
Temple of Skulls + Celtic Guardian = Dark Elf
Temple of Skulls + Mushroom Man = Wood Remains
Temple of Skulls + White Dolphin = Corroding Shark
Temple of Skulls + Dark Plant = Wood Remains
Temple of Skulls + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Wood Remains
Tentacle Flower + Silver Fang = Flower Wolf
Tentacle Plant + Milus Radiant = Flower Wolf
The snake hair + Mammoth graveyard = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
time wizard + Corroding shark = Magical Ghost
Time Wizard + Yamatano dragon scroll = Thousand Dragon
Time Wizard + Dragon zombie = Thousand Dragon
Time Wizard + Wicked Dragon w/ Ersatz Head = Thousand Dragon
Tomozaurus + Mechanical Snail = Cyber Saurus
Unknown Warrior of Fiend + Man-eating Plant = Bean Soldier
Wetha + LaLa Li-oon = Bolt Escargot
White Dolphin + Temple of Skulls = Corroding Shark
White Dolphin + Armed Ninja = Wow Warrior
White Dolphin + Milus Radiant = Tatsunootsoshigo
White Dolphin + Bone Mouse = Corroding Shark
White Dolphin + Cyber Commander = Misairuzame
Wicked Dragon w/ Ersatz Head + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon
Winged Dragon #2 + Fireyarou = Crimson Sun Bird
Winged Dragon #2 + Flame viper = mavelus
Winged dragon #2 + Flame viper = mavelus
Wolf + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Flower Wolf
Wolf + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Flame manipulato = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Green phantom king = Flower Wolf
Wolf + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Mushroom Man #2 = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Laughing flower = Flower Wolf
Wood Clown + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Behegon = Spike Seadra
Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Gruesome groo = Spike Seadra
Yamatano dragon scroll + Celtic Guardian = sword arm of dragon
Yamatano dragon scroll + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon
Darkfire dragon + Violent rain + Electric lizard = Twin headed thunder dragon 2800/2100
Dancing Elf + Prevent rat = Nekogal #2 1900/2000
Darkfire dragon + Faith bird = Crimson sunbird 2300/1800
Dancing elf + Muka Muka = Mystical sand 2100/1700
Petit dragon + right arm of Exodia = Blackland Fire Dragon 1500/800
Pot the trick + Mystical lamp = Ushi Oni 2150/1950
Saggi the dark clown + celtic gardian = dark elf 2000/800
Blue-Eyes Beyond Dragon = 98793453

Hi, my names raisul or mahem kid. and these are the best cards I got so far from all the people
Simon muran: mystic elf, Celtic guardian tea: nonejoey: kunai with chain, baby dragon, time wizard viliger1:none villiger2:none villiger3:none seto1:gai the fierce night, bever warrior hieshin: mystic sand(do not verse him there's no point rex raptor: mystic elf, 2 head king rex, right arm of forbidden one(40xs SorA ranks) wevil Underwood: same as rex raptor mai: music elf kieth:left or right arm(40xs SorA ranks) metalmorph zoa shadi: left or right arm bakura: left or right arm, soul of the pure pegasis: acid trap hole, and other good trap isis: roaring ocean snake,b. skull dragon kaiba: blue eyes white dragon(after100duels) acid trap hole, card crush mage: none joey2:red eyes b. dragon,1800cards tea2:none low jungle: great moth high jungle: great moth (NO PERFECTLY ULTIMATE GREAT MOTH!) low water: none high water: labyrinth wall low mountain: meteor dragon high mountain:b. skull dragon, twin head thunder dragon, meteor dragon low meadow: CARDS TO 2000-3500!!
+1800-3200 CARDS(ps prety hard though)
low desert: wasteland
high desert: zoa
labyrinth mage: twin headed thunder dragon seto2:DEUL HIM! HE GIVES YOU DARK MAGICIAN, GAI, BLUE EYES!
sebeck:siber saurus
neku:brachio raiduis

Yo guys this isnt really a cheat code and everything, but instead of S-tecing nitemare when u have 0 cards left, wait till he gets to 22 cards left/19 then use raigeki or crush card on him, and for the next 2 turns let him play down cards, once he has 3 cards on the field, destroy only one card, keep it like that so everytime he has to put down a 3rd card, after u keep doing that sooner or later he'll get pissed of and combine, the most combines he does is 7, but thats only when the comp goes crazy and combines for no reason lol, u'll probally be seeing, Red eyes B Dragon and meteor dragon combo's lots, or tyhone 2 and some fire monster to make crimson bird, once he has less cards than u let him get u to under 1000 life points, and try to get him around your life points of below, u destined to get a good card, hope that helps you guys! i did this and got final flame " takes your opponents life points by 1000 "
Submitted by Dez

Super Rare Card
To get the super rare card get 9,999 star chips and then type in at the password mode 89631139 and then press exchange
Submitted by Simomate

Really good cards!!!!!this isn't really a cheat, but it is useful!
Make sure you have 3 memory cards!
Label the memory cards: A, B, and C
You will do the following on memory card "A"
Just duel teana 1st like 200,000 times, getting s rank each time. after beating her 200,000 times, you will have 999,999, make a copy of this file onto memory card "C". then buy the desired cards on memory card "C", then trade them onto memory card "B". from here, trade the cards from memory card "B" to "A". repeat to get very good cards, like:Megamorph, B.E.W.D, Ultimate Dragon Ritual, and others.
Note: This process may take a week of straight dueling! If you think this is to hard, then you are lazy!!! Submitted by james

S-Tec & S-Pow in one turn
The following codes are for PEC, they allow you to get S-TEC or S-Pow in one turn.

S-Pow 1 Turn
800EA024 0000

S-Tec 1 turn
800EA008 0025
800EA028 0028
800E9FF1 0025
800EA004 0032
Submitted by Orion Tal

Max Star Codes
The code for pec and max star codes is easily available by searching the web. If you are using art-money, this is a 4 byte location at memory address. 00B1C800
Art-money doesn't require changing to hex, so just enter 999999. Choose the F in front of the address to freeze it and keep it 999999.
Art-money is available at in a freeware version that works great Submitted by Orion Tal