Why you need to Lock your iPhones and apps

Today one cannot be more careful when you are trying to keep your apps and iPhones safe. The data stores in these devices can be very personal and need to be protected from the prying eyes of hackers. As technology is developing hackers are getting more and better at accessing your data which can make it easier to steal this information. Locking your iPhone is not enough as it does not provide the kind of security when you want to keep your data protected. You can also take help from some of the best apps to help keep these thieves and hackers at bay from accessing your private apps and getting hands-on your personal data.

Why do we think that our data is safe and protected?

People feel that their data is dafe because they make the smart decision to keep their iPhones protected. According to a recent survey at least 50% of their people keep their iPhone locked and have no extra measure that is taken to keep the information protected. Most people keep their PIN number to keep themselves safe from these hackers. Most other go for the finger print which does not allow others to operate their apps and steal the information. There are many apps out there which can make it easier for you to choose a password which can keep you safe. But all it takes is a search on ‘how to unlock iphone 7 plus for free’ to learn that the data you are trying to protect is still not safe. As there are many counter measures out there which can easily break you lack and can enter. There is no way that you can be sure that the information that you have stored is safe.

Why our data is not safe?

There are two ways that a hacker can access your data. First, hackers can easily get into your voicemail and via that medium, they can easily hack the data that is stored in your iPhone. This is a very rare option which can be done by people who has your number. Another way you iPhone can be easily hacked is by the use of hacking software. These hackers can get all the private information that you are trying to keep for yourself out. This can be done by installing malicious software on your iPhone which can be the reason they gather your personal information such as login in and can also scan your emails. A simple lock of you iPhone cannot stop from this kind of hacking. One way that you can make sure that you data is protected better is by installing an app lock for the apps themselves.