Why speech recognition wireless headsets are good for gamers?

How many people are there who like to play a game but in a very simple manner? Gamers who are passionate about the gaming look for the best speech recognition headset through which they can have a complete advantage of gaming.

If you are going to buy the headsets and after checking it you are feeling like this is the top rated wireless headsets for PC then you should definitely go for it. Here are the reasons why wireless speech recognition headsets are good for you.


In many headsets, you are going to experience that while you are gaming then you don’t have to go through the problem of change in language. The headset will have the feature of translating the language to you.

You need to go for the advanced headsets which are coming with the modern features and it can translate the language of the game what you understand. Isn’t it the best way to enhance your gaming experience?


Without a headset, it’s not possible for you to communicate with the players you are playing with. Now the server gaming is giving you an opportunity to get connected with the people all over the world.

Now you just can’t connect with them but you can also go for the voice chatting experience with them. Due to the high sound quality now you can talk to your team during the game no matter in which part of the world they are.


If you will go towards the headset speech recognition wireless then you will have one more advantage that you don’t have to stick yourself in the mesh of wire. It’s hard for the player to focus on the game and to adjust the wires at the same time.

This time you don’t have to go through the same problem instead now you can use the headsets without any problem. You just have to connect your headset with the help of Bluetooth to your system and you will be good to go on for the gaming.


At the time of playing advanced games, you can see that how you need to press the buttons from the main panel and how you have to go for the settings, again and again, to use the feature one more time.

With the help of headset now you don’t need to control the game from the main panel but when you indulge in the advanced gaming then just by pressing one button in your headset you can change the mode of the game and of the headset as well.


Many headsets are coming up with the great compatibility with any device. If you want to connect them with the main panel then you can but if you want to connect them with the phone or tab then there will be no more problem.

It will be easy to use for your daily gaming and when you are gaming lover then for sure you should go for this headset.

Apache: Air Assault


Trophy Description
A Leaf On The Wind (Bronze) Complete ‘A Damn Shame’
Ace Of Diamonds (Bronze) Complete specific mission objective in ‘A Diamond in the Rough’
Apache Of Two (Silver) Win any 3 missions from the Campaign in Local Co-op on any difficulty
Big Brother Is Watching You (Bronze) Use satellite view in each location
Bridge Burner (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Whiteout’ in Local Co-op mode
Bumper Stickers! (Bronze) Unlock twenty decals
Chemical Killer (Bronze) Complete specific mission objective in ‘Rain in the Desert’
Crude Defender (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Sharks in the Water’
Deadliest Home Videos (Bronze) Watch a replay
Demolition Man (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Holidays in Hell’ in Local Co-op mode
Desert Striker (Silver) Finish Tazirstan Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Dominator (Bronze) Win the ‘Domination’ mission in Squad Operations
Drug Bust (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘The River Deep’ in Local Co-op mode
Feet Wet (Silver) Finish Africa Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Flying Colors (Bronze) Complete ‘Takeoff’ mission
Four Eyes (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Lord of War’ in Local Co-op mode
Gunfighter (Bronze) Kill 30 enemy ground units with the 30mm camera
Helicopterrific (Gold) Complete the Campaign and Squad Operations
Hell Yeah (Silver) Kill 114 enemy ground units with the AGM 114 Hellfire missiles
Highly Survivable (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘City on Fire’
Hotshot (Bronze) Kill 10 enemy infintry in FLIR view
I Can Dance All Day (Bronze) Avoid 15 incoming missiles
Jungle Striker (Silver) Finish Amazon Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Keeping It Real (Bronze) Play one mission entirely in cockpit view
Locksmith (Bronze) Unlock all chapters
New Veteran (Bronze) Win any mission on Veteran difficulty
Not A Scratch (Bronze) Complete any mission without dying on any difficulty
Overwatch (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘The Gang’s All Here’
Peppy’s Request (Bronze) Do a barrel roll!
Point And Shoot (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘On the X’
Radio Silenced (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Over and Out’
Rigged With Explosives (Bronze) Complete specific mission objective in ‘Ship of Fools’
Ripple Effect (Bronze) Kill 8 ground units with on Hellfire ripple shot
Rocketman (Bronze) Kill 70 enemy ground units with the Hydra 70 rockets
Rotorhead (Gold) Complete the Campaign
Rumble in the Jungle (Bronze) Complete specific mission objective in ‘Turkey Shoot’
Second The Best (Gold) Complete all secondary objectives in Campaign mode
See It, Shoot It (Bronze) Enable setting ‘Control Turret in Zoom’ and kill 5 enemy infantry by gun in this mode
Shot At Fame (Bronze) Post scores to all Leaderboards
Skin Deep (Bronze) Unlock all skins for all helicopters
Squadrowned (Bronze) Win one Squad Operations mission in online Co-op mode
Sticky Trigger Finger (Bronze) Using the 30mm cannon, kill 20 enemy infantry without letting go of the trigger
Sting Like A Bee (Bronze) Kill 9 enemy air units with the FIM-92 Stinger missiles
Stopping Power (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘Sunshine Units’
Team Player (Bronze) Win all Squad Operations in any flight mode
Touchdown (Bronze) Complete a landing at a landing zone in Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Wave Goodbye (Bronze) Complete a specific mission objective in ‘The Sky is Burning’
What, No Roflcopter? (Bronze) Complete free flight with each helicopter
You Complete Me (Platinum) Earn all available Trophies for Apache: Air Assault

Red tiger camo skin for the AH64X
Successfully complete Squad Ops.

Veteran difficulty
Successfully complete Campaign mode under the Realistic difficulty setting.

Secret Trophies
Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies:

Unlock How to Unlock
Got To Da Choppa! (Bronze) Start ‘The Sky is Burning’ mission.
This Is The End (Bronze) Play the Credits.

Lord Of War: Easy completion
On the third mission, “Lord Of War”, one of the objectives is to provide cover fire for your downed ally. This can be difficult with the frequent RPG fire you will draw from the enemy infantry. However, if you use your missiles to destroy the surrounding buildings where most of the infantry spawn, you will have a much easier time. You can easily shoot the enemies with the FLIR view as they spawn, before they have a chance to move. This is also useful because many of the RPG soldiers fire from the rooftops. Clearing out the buildings will significantly decrease the amount of RPG shots taken at you.

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Assault Heroes

Normal Trophies
Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies.

Unlock How to Unlock
Annihilator (Bronze) Kill more than 85% of the total enemies in a zone.
Assault Hero (Gold) Complete the game.
Exterminator (Bronze) Defeat the giant spider.
Lair Slayer (Silver) Complete all underground zones without using a continue.
Peace Maker (Silver) Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the enemies.
Sharp Shooter (Silver) Keep your accuracy higher than 70%.
Small Arms Expert (Bronze) Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes.
Speed Freak (Bronze) Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.
Survivor (Silver) Finish a zone killing 60% of the units on foot.
Tricked Out (Bronze) Max out all of the vehicle power-ups.
Twin Medal (Bronze) Finish a zone in Co-op mode.
Unstoppable (Bronze) Finish a zone without losing a life.

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