Alternatives to the Playstation for watching your favorite movies and shows

Now everyone goes towards the play station no matter whether they want to play a game or they want to watch their favorite show or movie. But what if your play station stops working or you want a replacement?

Sling shot is also a very popular option for watching shows and movies these days. In this article, we’re not only going to talk about the alternatives to PlayStation but we’ll also talk about the top rated alternatives to sling box. Take a look at this guide.


PS Vita is one of the most amazing replacements of PlayStation. The graphic quality of the system is absolutely amazing and its compatibility with your device will make you love this device.

Not just the games but it also allows you to watch different shows and movies. People who have used it are satisfied and said that it has better graphics as compared to the PS2.


Nintendo Wii-u deserves way more popularity than it’s getting. Its library is much more fun as you can think of and if you are getting worried about the graphics, then let me tell you that it provides you excellent graphics quality.

The graphics are going to double the fun of your game and music videos and you can watch movies without any interruption. Its compatibility is not only great with the store but with the controllers as well and definitely you are going to get addicted to the quality.


Ouya is a perfect device for the gamers who like to spend most of their time playing games or watching movies. If you are looking for the suitable replacement for Play Station, then Ouya is a perfect option for you.

You’ll enjoy the game range they provide. It is a perfect option for the person who loves to travel because it provides the extended battery timing.


This Nintendo is an amazing and mesmerizing device for the people who want to indulge themselves into the gaming world and who want to enjoy the 3D aspect of the game and movie while they are watching or playing.

This is way better experience than the mobile and if you are looking for some device which can provide you plenty of options and show compatibility as well, then your choice should be Nintendo 3DS without any second thought.


It has the ability to run all your favorite android movies, music videos, and games with the quality graphics. Project shield is suitable for you when you use it once in a day or you just use it to watch a movie or to play a game for few hours.

This is just not it but you can play a number of games in it like you used to play in your PlayStation or on your PC. You can connect this device to the other devices and it will show amazing compatibility to any game.