Don’t Have Money? Check Out These Resources for Free Games That Don’t Even Need WiFi

Usually, the youngsters love playing different games because the elders are busy in building a wealthy lifestyle. But the problem with the youngsters is that they do not have enough money to finance their favorite hobby. Yes, playing a game also requires some money and the advanced games are a lot expensive than the average games. So, most of the gamers feel very sad because they cannot follow their passion due to lack of money.

In fact, they can’t even enjoy some free games either because those games require a Wifi connection and a poor person cannot afford money for Wifi. In this situation, they keep looking for some spots where they may use the free Wifi. But the problem with these free Wifi facilities is that they are very slow in speed due to which the high-quality games do not run successfully.

And another drawback of using free wifi is that the provider can get access to your personal information without asking for any permission because you have already enabled them to use your personal information by connecting your device to their Wifi. So, you should avoid using the free wifi. And you should not be disappointed because we have brought some information about the Free No WiFi Games that you can play even if you don’t have a penny. Let’s take a look at the list of these free games.


Wordcrossy is a game designed to improve your mental capabilities and it can also help you test your English vocabulary. You are supposed to make several words in the game to complete a level. The game doesn’t require any kind of Wifi connection and it is very interesting. You can combine the letters of different words to create a new word. However, the game starts getting more and more difficult as you move to the next levels. There are several options you can use to guess a word if you are stuck on a point.

Angry Birds

The angry birds is one of the most favorite games in today’s world. There are millions of users around the world that are regularly playing this game. All you need to do is to free remove the obstacles to move to the next level. The game is quite interesting and there are many features included in it that can help you if you are unable to complete a level.

Subway Surfer

The subway surfer is also a very interesting game that has conquered the hearts of youngsters and adults. There are millions of people that regularly play this game and try to beat their competitors. You can even participate in the international tournaments if you are good at playing this game. And there is no need to stay connected to the internet even if you want to participate in the international tournaments. Your score will be updated internationally once you connect your mobile to the internet. Look for deals on this and other games so you can get more than one!

Top Racing Games and Gear for PC Players

If you don’t have a license, don’t worry because you can still drive your dream car. This was not possible in the previous years but the latest gaming industry has made it possible for every car lover. Whether you have a car or not, you can enjoy an incredible ride by playing games on year PC. The latest car games have all the latest features of a car included in them.

So, you can enjoy using as many features as you want without spending any money. The latest games provide you a realistic look that makes you feel like you are actually driving a car. However, in order to enjoy the realistic features of a car, you need to make sure that you are playing the top games that have included real-life cars in them.

Similarly, you should buy the equipment that may make you feel like you are actually driving the car. Today, we have brought some information about the racing games that every car lover would love playing. And we have also gathered information about the gaming gear that may provide you an incredible experience. So, let’s take a look at the top games and gear for PC Players.

Talking about games

Whenever it comes to talking about the best racing games, the Need for speed games are mentioned on top of the list. The same is the case here. The best game we have chosen to talk about is the latest version of Need for Speed known as Need For Speed Payback. The developers have used all the luxurious and latest cars in this game and you can enjoy several features of the car while playing the game.

The dirt rally is also a very popular racing game that gamers would love playing as it comes with lots of realistic features and it takes you to the tracks that are really outstanding. So, you must give it a try if you love racing games, either online or live. The last game we are going to talk about is Forza Motorsport 7 that has successfully entertained gamers. And the use of latest cars in this game is highly appreciated by the top gamers. There are many parts of the world where different tournaments were organized for this game.

Talking about gear

The gaming chair is the most important gear that you must have if you love racing games. This chair makes you feel comfortable and helps you enjoy the ride. The GT Omega is the best gaming chair that can provide you a real driving experience. So, you can use the GT Omega discount code to find this chair at affordable rates.

You should also buy the electronic steering and acceleration box if you want to feel like you are actually driving a car. These controllers are now available on all the online gaming stores. So, you can easily purchase them at affordable rates.

Wondering How To Build a Gaming PC? We Take a Look

Your presence on this page is an indication that you are not satisfied with your current PC and want to upgrade it to the next level. Usually, gamers feel the need of upgrading to the next level when they want to beat their competitors. The high-speed gaming computer is really important when you are looking to beat your competitors in the gaming industry.

However, there are some people that don’t have any computer at the moment and want to build one on their own because they can’t afford the money that is required for buying a gaming computer or they do not trust the manufacturers and want to purchase everything based on their preferences. So, both types of people are going to find the appropriate answer to their question in this article.

Make sure that you don’t miss the information that we have shared on “How to Build a Gaming PC: The Definitive Guide (9 Steps)”. It will help you a lot in building your gaming PC. Here are some important things you should consider when building a gaming PC.

Deciding on Hardware

Components, such as solid-state drives (SSD), motherboards, and graphics cards are now easily available on all your nearby computer stores and you can even buy them online from the reliable sellers, or at regional events. The best part is that the installation process and the software configuration has become a lot easier nowadays so, you won’t have to rely on someone to install the components. There are many top tech sites that have shared infographics, videos, and text on how you can install these components.

In simple words, there is lots of informational stuff available on the internet. However, the technologies keep changing and the installation process as well. So, you must make sure that you are using the most recent resources to find the information about installation and configuration. Here is the list of hardware components that one may need in order to build a gaming computer.

  • Motherboard
  • Power supply Unit
  • CPU/Processor
  • Storage, solid-state drive, hard disk drive (HDD)
  • Case
  • Cooling system, fan splitter
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Gaming Peripherals
  • Graphics processing unit


Your budget and dedication are very important when it comes to defining the power, performance, and look of your gaming PC. In fact, you should decide your budget before taking any step further because it is going to put an impact on all your decisions. You can save money by purchasing products from reseller websites and you would also save money on the building costs. Thus, you can manage your budget accordingly.

Gaming Peripherals

The gaming lovers need to buy a special keyboard and mouse in order to enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Make sure that you are purchasing a comfortable and ergonomic mouse. The gaming keyboards make your life easier by enabling to play games of different standards.

Complete Guide to Gaming Glasses

The light that reflects from your computer’s screen can put a negative impact on your eyes. And the problem is that the gamers can never think of quitting their favorite hobby because gaming is the perfect activity that helps them stay entertained throughout the day. Therefore, it is important that you buy a perfect pair of gaming glasses so that you may protect your eyes while playing your favorite sport.

You must have suffered from some severe headaches during your gaming career. It’s just because of the glare of the computer or television screen. The gaming glasses create an outstanding protection for your eyes as they come with the anti-reflective features. The most important thing about gaming glasses is that most of them are scratch resistant. And they are dust and water repellent as well. So, you won’t have to be worried about any kind of damage after buying a gaming glass to up your experience.

However, you must take some time to find the best gaming glasses so that you can protect yourself from several damages. The average quality glasses can easily break in the different circumstances. Therefore, buying the good quality gaming glasses is the key to enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Here is the complete guide that you can follow to find the best gaming glasses.

Size of frame

The most important thing that you need to look for when buying the gaming glasses is that the size of the frame should be compatible with the shape of your face. Sometimes, people do not pay any attention to the frame size while buying the gamer glasses. As a result, they keep suffering from the same problems that they used to experience before buying the gaming glasses. Thus, they start believing that gaming glasses are just an extra expense and they do not have any benefit at all.

While they do not understand that the problem was actually with their selection. If they had conducted proper research before buying the gaming glasses, they would have definitely enjoyed the extraordinary benefits of these gaming glasses.

The reflective material

The reflective material that is used in the glasses can also affect the quality of the gaming glasses. If the material isn’t selected wisely, then there would be no results at all. And you’d still experience the same issues that you were experiencing in the past. Therefore, it is important that you carefully check the quality of material before buying the glasses.


The glasses need to be lightweight so that you do not get disturbed while wearing those glasses. The heavy glasses may not let you enjoy your favorite games for as long as you want. Thus, you’d become very angry and you’d definitely stop wearing those glasses. Therefore, you must be very careful when buying the gaming glasses.

The Gear Every Gamer Must Have

Every gamer knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to become an expert gamer. There are many people that believe that gaming is just a fun and entertaining activity and anybody can become an expert gamer. These are the people that have never given a try to the latest gaming industry otherwise, they would not have passed such kind of statements.

The gaming industry has become very tough these days and it is getting more and more complicated day by day. However, that’s totally another story and we are not going to discuss the details here. We are only going to talk about the accessories that every gamer must have with him. There are many gamers that have the ambition to become the most popular gamer but only a few can achieve this goal because most of them do not follow the instructions properly.

A good quality PC isn’t the only thing that can help in improving your gaming skills but there are several other important things that you must keep with you if you want to become a successful gamer.

Vertical mouse

The vertical mouse allows you to hold the mouse properly in your hand. Most of the gamers use the mouse that they usually use for other purposes and as a result, their wrists start feeling the pain and they have to stop playing the games. If you play a game that requires the consistent use of the mouse, then you must consider buying a vertical mouse for this purpose because a vertical mouse makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are playing your favorite game.

Gaming chair

The gaming chair is another important accessory that you must keep with you if you want to become a successful gamer. There are many different kinds of gaming chairs available these days but only a few of them have the potential to provide extreme comfort to the users. We recommend that you must take a look at the Gaming Chair Reviews before making a purchase. This will help you make an informed decision and you’ll be able to find the most suitable option that you can keep in your room.


Most of the gamers prefer using the keyboard as a controller instead of buying the extra controller but there are some games where you need to play multiplayer games with your friends. In such games, you cannot properly use the keyboard as a controller. Similarly, there are some games that cannot be played properly without the help of the additional controllers. Therefore, you must consider buying the good quality controllers for this purpose so that you may not face any kind of trouble.

What to look for when buying a laptop for gaming

In order for you to achieve the best experience while gaming you must ensure that you buy the best laptop for gaming. Super PC gamers try to find the best and the most powerful laptops to maximize high details in the latest released games. You should note that the higher your needs are, the higher you will end up spending to meet them. It is therefore important to ensure that you write your needs down first before you hit the road to the store to buy a laptop. Once you figure out what you want begin thinking about your budget. For a good guide on what to look for, this review has the best laptops for gamers for Christmas in 2017.

Having said that you should note that there are a few key features that you must keep in mind when buying laptops for gaming to deliver the optimal experience. They include the following:


RAM, which is well-known as random access memory is a factor that determines what your computer can do at once. Usually, games can take up a lot of memory. When buying a laptop for gaming ensure you get the one with a minimum RAM of 4GB.


The processor determines the speed of your laptop. The faster the processor of your laptop is the faster your laptop will be. When buying laptops for gaming buy the fastest machine that you can afford.

At the moment there exist, quad-core processors, which come with four cores, which can offer you with great benefits in the multi-thread operations. Most of the recently released games support multi-core processors. It is recommended when buying laptops for gaming to consider the one with high processing power.


Graphics are so important for gaming. The graphics that your computer has determines how well you see during gaming. At the time of purchase go for whatever is best at the moment of your purchase.

Screen Size

When buying a gaming laptop ensure that you go for 17’’ from corner to corner so that you can have a good display. Don’t opt for smaller computers, also too large computers might be less portable because they are heavy and they will take longer to load.

Hard Drive

Finally, the size of the hard drive, which is referred to as hard disk is something that is debatable. But if you buy a laptop with small hard disk storage size you will definitely run out of space especially if you are downloading onto your laptop. So, when buying laptops for gaming ensure that you get the one with an average size since space is something that is limited in most laptops and there is no way to go around it.

Alternatives to the Playstation for watching your favorite movies and shows

Now everyone goes towards the play station no matter whether they want to play a game or they want to watch their favorite show or movie. But what if your play station stops working or you want a replacement?

Sling shot is also a very popular option for watching shows and movies these days. In this article, we’re not only going to talk about the alternatives to PlayStation but we’ll also talk about the top rated alternatives to sling box. Take a look at this guide.


PS Vita is one of the most amazing replacements of PlayStation. The graphic quality of the system is absolutely amazing and its compatibility with your device will make you love this device.

Not just the games but it also allows you to watch different shows and movies. People who have used it are satisfied and said that it has better graphics as compared to the PS2.


Nintendo Wii-u deserves way more popularity than it’s getting. Its library is much more fun as you can think of and if you are getting worried about the graphics, then let me tell you that it provides you excellent graphics quality.

The graphics are going to double the fun of your game and music videos and you can watch movies without any interruption. Its compatibility is not only great with the store but with the controllers as well and definitely you are going to get addicted to the quality.


Ouya is a perfect device for the gamers who like to spend most of their time playing games or watching movies. If you are looking for the suitable replacement for Play Station, then Ouya is a perfect option for you.

You’ll enjoy the game range they provide. It is a perfect option for the person who loves to travel because it provides the extended battery timing.


This Nintendo is an amazing and mesmerizing device for the people who want to indulge themselves into the gaming world and who want to enjoy the 3D aspect of the game and movie while they are watching or playing.

This is way better experience than the mobile and if you are looking for some device which can provide you plenty of options and show compatibility as well, then your choice should be Nintendo 3DS without any second thought.


It has the ability to run all your favorite android movies, music videos, and games with the quality graphics. Project shield is suitable for you when you use it once in a day or you just use it to watch a movie or to play a game for few hours.

This is just not it but you can play a number of games in it like you used to play in your PlayStation or on your PC. You can connect this device to the other devices and it will show amazing compatibility to any game.

Are You Good Enough to Earn Money from Video Games? We Analyze What it Takes to Succeed

Are You Good Enough to Earn Money from Video Games? We Analyze What it Takes to Succeed

According to an old saying, you need not work in your life if you do what you love to do. Similar is the condition with video gaming. If you love playing video games then you need not search for a job to earn your living as you can earn money through these games. But how?   First, check out this great guide to playing games for cash, then check out the rest of the article.  If you are still finding its answer then you should go through this write-up. Some tips are provided hereunder to help you in this regard.

Live stream your gameplay

One of the best ways to make money by playing video games can be real time streaming of your gameplay. Main aim of this streaming is to develop loyal and large audience so that you can use them for subscriptions and donations as well as getting ads from big businesses. You can various online platforms like YouTube or Twitch which can allow you to upload your gameplay in real time to attract large number of fans of a particular video game. Though, it may take time to get enough audience to solve your purpose but once you get them you will never have to see back.

Collect Subscribers

Once you become successful in getting large loyal audience for your streamed gameplay you can start collecting subscription from them by becoming partner of the platform through which you were streaming. Say you stream your videos through Twitch or YouTube then the platform will pay you a part of subscription it charges from your regular viewers who want to see you as a successful player. You can get subscription even if you are not best in paying games you are streaming, if you have marketed yourself appropriately on the social media and you entertain your audience.

Start your gaming blog

If you are good at playing video games then you can also start a gaming blog to share your experiences with different video games. Though it may also take some to start making money through your blogs but once you get large number of viewers for your blogs you can start making money through ads. You can display ads and banners of various companies of your blog page to make money. But while selecting ads for your blog you should be careful as these ads and banners can be interesting as well as horrible. They should not affect the quality of your blog.

Online resources to improve your gaming skills

Gaming is an amazing hobby. There are many regular players who are crazy about gaming and they spend hours playing their favorite games. There have been many players who’ve made several records in gaming.

No one can imagine the enthusiasm and the excitement that a gamer feels when playing his favorite game and completing different levels.

The gaming world has changed a lot from the past. The graphics quality of today’s games is extremely amazing. But the graphics have made things easier for us.

The thing that has made the games difficult for new players is that there are plenty of latest features introduced that we never spoke about in the past. There are so many complicated levels included in the latest games that a traditional player can’t even complete without someone’s help.

There are several games that provide you proper instruction when you start playing them. Those instructions are enough for completing all the levels of that game or sometimes they share more instruction whenever they introduce a new feature. If you want to play such games you can Click here for awesome Friv Games.

But there are some games that are complicated enough and basic instructions don’t work there if you’re not a regular player. Regular players are aware of several features and controls; therefore, they find a way to achieve higher position but it gets difficult for newbies to complete the difficult levels as they’re not aware of the new features.

Sometimes, newbies take help from their friends and sometimes they take help from online resources if they don’t have any friend who loves the games. If you’re a newbie and want to improve your skills, you must also take help from several online resources where plenty of information is available about every game.


Youtube is the best platform for improving your gaming skills. There are thousands of gamers around the world who are running their channels on youtube where they share their experience of how they complete a complicated level.Some of these channels are specially made to share some gaming tips for the newbies. Even the game production companies keep posting videos of their games to make it easier for them to achieve different levels.

Some of these channels are specially made to share some gaming tips for the newbies. Even the game production companies keep posting videos of their games to make it easier for them to achieve different levels.

You can subscribe to different active channels that share videos on their channel regularly. You can even ask them in the comments section if you’re facing any problem in completing a level.


Gamingenthusiast is another amazing resource where different gamers share their experience about how did they complete a level and what tools did they use. There are many top gamers available on this platform who are always ready to answer your question and help you find a proper solution to achieve a top position.

Be careful, when browsing this platform because there are many scammers who’d try to steal your information. Make sure you read all the rules and regulations before you start interacting with the members of this platform.

Why speech recognition wireless headsets are good for gamers?

How many people are there who like to play a game but in a very simple manner? Gamers who are passionate about the gaming look for the best speech recognition headset through which they can have a complete advantage of gaming.

If you are going to buy the headsets and after checking it you are feeling like this is the top rated wireless headsets for PC then you should definitely go for it. Here are the reasons why wireless speech recognition headsets are good for you.


In many headsets, you are going to experience that while you are gaming then you don’t have to go through the problem of change in language. The headset will have the feature of translating the language to you.

You need to go for the advanced headsets which are coming with the modern features and it can translate the language of the game what you understand. Isn’t it the best way to enhance your gaming experience?


Without a headset, it’s not possible for you to communicate with the players you are playing with. Now the server gaming is giving you an opportunity to get connected with the people all over the world.

Now you just can’t connect with them but you can also go for the voice chatting experience with them. Due to the high sound quality now you can talk to your team during the game no matter in which part of the world they are.


If you will go towards the headset speech recognition wireless then you will have one more advantage that you don’t have to stick yourself in the mesh of wire. It’s hard for the player to focus on the game and to adjust the wires at the same time.

This time you don’t have to go through the same problem instead now you can use the headsets without any problem. You just have to connect your headset with the help of Bluetooth to your system and you will be good to go on for the gaming.


At the time of playing advanced games, you can see that how you need to press the buttons from the main panel and how you have to go for the settings, again and again, to use the feature one more time.

With the help of headset now you don’t need to control the game from the main panel but when you indulge in the advanced gaming then just by pressing one button in your headset you can change the mode of the game and of the headset as well.


Many headsets are coming up with the great compatibility with any device. If you want to connect them with the main panel then you can but if you want to connect them with the phone or tab then there will be no more problem.

It will be easy to use for your daily gaming and when you are gaming lover then for sure you should go for this headset.